The RealWear Platform

A complete Android solution for digital workflow & remote assist

The RealWear Platform

A complete Android solution for digital workflow & remote assist

Platform Overview  

Our industry-leading solution delivers a winning combination of state-of-the-art hardware,
user experience, applications and cutting-edge cloud technology. 

Award Winning, Innovative
Hardware Design

Built Rugged

Built Rugged

100% Hands-free

100% Hands-Free

Compatible with PPE

Compatible with PPE 

High-Resolution Micro-Display

High-Resolution Micro-Display

Optimized Software Applications 

Vast Application Ecosystem

Vast Application

Voice-controlled User Interface

User Interface     

On Device Native Apps

On Device Native Apps  

Simple Sign-On Options

Simple Sign-On Options 

Modern Cloud Suite 

Accelerate centralized deployment and management of devices

Streamline Updates &

Analyze device usage, uptime and downtime

Analyze & Utilize
Device Data


Provide Real-time
Technical Support

Partnered with the Best

We team up with industry leaders and pioneers to deliver best-in-class solutions that are RealWear-ready to address your specific business needs. Our growing app ecosystem includes a wide range of digital workflow and remote assist applications. Some of the most prominent collaboration tools include Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom and other virtual remote assist technologies.

Take a Look at our Use Cases

Our solutions are tailored to meet specific business needs and easily sit atop your existing systems. While the possibilities can be infinite, here are our most prominent use cases.


Remote Expert Guidance

Connects global workforce and enables frontline workers to get assistance from an expert remotely to resolve any complex issue.


Digital Workflow

Operational errors are reduced with step-by-step visual instructions, checklists and data entry on-the-go.



Visual Assist

Hands-Free verification and visual documentation with a high-definition camera that takes photos and videos of hard-to-reach places.


Industrial IoT Data

Workers get real-time data that they need when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment.


Document Navigator

More productivity and safety by viewing technical manuals and reference documents with eyes forward and
hands-free improves productivity and safety.

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