Five Ways RealWear’s Industrial Strength Assisted Reality Solutions Will Help You Grow Your Home Contractor Business

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2021. 6. 16.

With the right app for your needs the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 assisted reality solutions have helped major brands like Honeywell, Mars and Colgate-Palmolive empower, engage and elevate frontline workers to be their absolute best. They ve saved money in operational downtime by calling a remote expert for help on the fly. In fact, the use of our devices accelerated dramatically during COVID-19, helping our customers avoid thousands of miles in travel costs by connecting workers to remote experts who were unable to fly.

But our device doesn t work only in global industrial settings. Did you know these same great devices can also help small to medium-sized home contractors get their jobs done in order to increase their productivity, enhance their safety and improve client satisfaction?

Home Contractor Leveraging RealWear's Assisted Reality Solutions

Wearables are more Effective than Tablets, Phones or Old School Clipboards

As a home contractor, we know you all carry a phone with you, and most of you carry an old school clipboard, tablet or rugged laptop as well. We ve seen what they look like. They re beat up. They are getting damaged, or you ve had a near or actual accident by trying to talk to someone remotely or take photos while climbing a ladder or crawling in a crawlspace. If you switch to a hands-free voice controlled RealWear HMT-1, it s a game changer. You literally clip it onto your hat, hard hat or bump cap and get to work by talking to the device. Even in high noise environments. That s right, instead of a touchscreen or clip board, you talk into the device and it responds in milliseconds to simple voice commands.

Call Dave. Using the Right Tool For the Job is the Name of the Game

On the HMt-1 assisted reality device, if you want to make a call to get help, you simply say Call Dave. Then Dave, at headquarters, can answer the call and see what you see with the built-in front-facing camera. It s like it was made for people who actually need to show things with their cameras, and that s because it was.

Each HMT-1 is equipped with a small micro display that views like a 7 tablet computer, and you can move it out of the way when you re not using it. It s monocular, so it really keeps your line of sight clear, and most important, you keep both hands free for the job while accessing schematics, calling for support, or even taking photos. Again, just by saying, Take photo. Bam.

Everything about your business is about using the right tools. That s why clients hire you rather than doing it themselves. So why not consider a tool that s designed for the job, rather than a consumer device that is made for...consumers?

Your Unique Challenges Are Solved Faster with Assisted Reality

Independent contracting is a challenging profession. You face very unique business challenges. Let s review some specific scenarios detailing how our hands-free solutions can help, simply click on your profession below (these would be jump links so a reader could get to their profession ASAP):



Home inspectors

Solar installers and other independent professionals


Your day starts early and often involves long hours at any time of day or night responding to time-sensitive emergencies in cramped, dirty and sometimes even dangerous spaces. Your work not only has to be flawless it has to last for years.

But the biggest challenge facing plumbing businesses like yours today is the inability to find qualified workers who can deliver such results1. This could cost your business the opportunity to cash in on the biggest housing boom in years. Because you can t send your master plumbers to every single location at the same time.

With RealWear s HMT-1 assisted reality solutions, you won t have to. Hands-free and rugged, our devices will enable your workers to perform complex tasks in any environment. And their ability to share pictures and video in real-time will allow your master plumbers to direct journeymen and their apprentices at multiple locations without having to visit every site themselves.

Capable of providing visual instructions, layouts and real-time guidance, our HMT-1 solution will help you ensure your firm always delivers the expert results your clients demand. Helping you to protect your hard-won reputation and grow your business for years.


Your typical day begins early at a job site s gang box. You usually start by reviewing the blueprints of the structure in which you ll be working. This is critical, as you will spend the rest of the day carefully resolving one potentially hazardous problem after another.

This is because working with live electrical power sources is inherently dangerous. It is a health and safety risk to you and your workers. And if an assignment is not completed to perfection, it could become an invisible hazard that could badly shock an occupant years later or even cause a fire that could burn the building down.

With its ability to provide real-time information on blueprints, circuitry layouts and components, RealWear s HMT-1 device can help you significantly reduce the dangers you face every day. The HMT-1 also enables your journeyman to consult with your master electricians live via video to ensure jobs are completed safely and correctly.

Certified Home Inspectors

As a home inspector, you could find yourself producing reports on multiple locations in a single day. And you ll likely end up working in just about every area of a home, including inside crawl spaces, underneath sinks and flooring and on tops of roofs and chimneys.

In addition to giving the ability to work in any of these locations, our HMT-1 enables you to take the video and pictures you need via voice commands alone. Our devices can also provide access to the latest building codes. One incorrect or outdated citation can cause buyers, sellers and agents to question your entire report and damage your reputation forever.

Although it is a fast-growing field especially in the current housing boom home inspection is highly competitive. Successful inspectors must use every tool at their disposal to stand apart from their rivals. Our HMT-1 devices can help you become the go-to choice for your area.

Did you know on the HMT-1 you can take photos and tag them, just like you do on your home inspector app? But all you need to do is say "Take Photo" and...voila!

Solar Installers, Carpenters, Exterminators, Greenskeepers, HVAC Pros & More

Every single day, professionals like you go out to build, improve and safeguard the critical components of the world in which we live. Our HMT-1 solution was designed to help you overcome the host of similar challenges you face on every job. These include:

Working in difficult, dangerous, cramped and dirty environments. Our HMT-1 solution can enable your workers to complete and properly document their tasks even in the most extreme environments. And our movable, hands-free, voice-activated features will help keep your workers safe as they perform their tasks.

Complying with complex, variable and often changing regulations The HMT-1 device can provide you with instant access to the latest regulations so you can be sure your jobs will always be in compliance with all applicable laws. This will ensure greater customer satisfaction and protect you from potential legal issues in the future.

The mandate to complete your work flawlessly every time without fail. Contractors like you have zero margin for error. And your work must remain in perfect order for years. Our HMT-1 solution provides your workers with real-time access to the guidance and expertise they need no matter where they are working at that moment.

The need to maximize your limited supply of top-tier professional expertise. Your work is highly specialized. It takes years of experience and training to become a certified expert. You need this level of human expertise to do your job right. But there simply are not enough qualified experts in your field that are available for hire.

By giving your less experienced field workers instant access to your top-tier experts, our HMT-1 solution can enable you to virtually send your experts to every job site, without ever having to physically visit in person. In addition to extending their invaluable knowledge it will help you save travel time and expense and get more done.

Here are The Five Big Benefits of RealWear s HMT-1 Assisted Reality Solutions

Available as via a cost-effective start-up bundle, our ready-for-work solutions will provide your business with the same level of technology used by multi-national Fortune 500 firms worldwide. The HMT-1 wearable solution will enable your business to:

Complete your work faster, more accurately and more profitably than ever before. Our handsets will also ensure proper documentation of work tasks and job completion. 100% hands-free and easily adjustable, our solutions provide both powerful audio and noise cancellation so your workers can complete their tasks effectively in any environment.

Communicate with - and satisfy - your clients in real time. From any location on any job site, hands-free via voice commands alone. This includes roofs, crawl spaces, sub-basements and more. Our HMT-1 models can go anywhere. Our solutions enable you to show clients any challenges issues they may be facing in real time, to educate them about potential solutions and then confirm that the issues have been resolved.

Protect your workers in dangerous environments and retain their services over the long run. Our hands-free capabilities will help keep workers safe even if your job site is cramped, dusty or overly loud. This will persuade top professionals to seek out your firm and then remain in your employ.

Significantly reduce travel time and expenses. Now you and your in-house top experts can be virtually on-site to provide guidance at every work location. Our solutions enable your workers to share video and still pictures in real-time. This will allow you to provide assistance and visual direction at multiple locations at the same time without having to visit the site in person.

Achieve a significant technological and brand image - advantage over your competition. Win more complex - and more lucrative - jobs by establishing a reputation as an innovative industry provider leader who uses the latest technology to deliver the best results.

Extremely rugged, water resistant and durable, our solutions will enable you to pursue potential new projects that might currently be beyond your present capabilities. Opening the door for new business opportunities and additional avenues for growth.

RealWear s cutting-edge assisted reality devices will provide you with the tools of the workforce of the future today. Our solutions will help you grow your business and profits dramatically - for a lot less than you might think.