Five Reasons Why RealWear Navigator™ 500 Will Transform Frontline Work

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2021. 11. 30.

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has completely changed the way we work. Not only did it necessitate digitization to support business continuity by rapidly transforming into a remote workforce, but also accelerated implementation of technologies. Now, as hybrid work becomes the new norm, reports suggest that digitally empowering deskless workforce will certainly provide organizations a competitive edge. To give a broader perspective, around 80% of the global workforce that s nearly 2.7 billion people, across essential industries are not anchored to their desks.1 Despite this, new technology advancements largely focused on deskbound individuals. For years, we ve been leading the discussion along with many of our partners, including Microsoft, TeamViewer, Cisco and many others regarding empowering the frontline workforce. In the industry, we are known as the leader in industrial strength wearable solutions. RealWear head-mounted displays allow modern frontline workforce to connect with experts, access information in real-time, while your hands are freed to enhance safety, collaborate and reduce equipment downtime. But what will the future of work bring? Or is hybrid already here? This week we re extremely proud to share that we are ready to enable the future of work on the frontlines. We re introducing our next generation of assisted reality solution RealWear Navigator 500. It can do everything that HMT did and more, but far better. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for us as we not only launch this product but will develop a new line of products under the RealWear Navigator portfolio. RealWear Navigator 500 is an incredible combination of state-of-the-art hardware, user experience, hands-free app ecosystem and cutting-edge cloud technology. It takes performance a big notch up with improved worker safety, work productivity and ultimately resulting into business outcomes. Here are the five amazing reasons why RealWear Navigator 500 will transform frontline work. 1. RealWear Navigator 500 is comfortable for longer hours (full-shift operation) This interesting survey shows that though frontline workers are increasingly reliant on tech; 60% are unsatisfied or feel there is room for improvement.2 Frontline workers often spend hours together in the field, or even alone as a lone worker . To ensure prolonged usage without any discomfort, RealWear Navigator 500 is one-third times lighter than its predecessor without compromising on the ruggedness rating. In case of the need for a fresh battery, the modular design offers a hot-swappable battery option, without losing any time or data. The monocular head-mounted display is designed to be far less immersive than a typical AR or VR solution. It provides a concise view of real-time assisted reality information, just like the one on a jet pilot s helmet. This is why we call it Assisted Reality. The at-a-glance display sits right below your line of sight and can be completely moved away when not in use with the six-way boom arm. This design increases situational awareness while allowing workers to comfortably and safely complete tasks for a full shift using both hands when needed. The compatibility with PPE and other gear adds to the comfort and flexibility. The feature-packed device primarily focuses on encouraging greater adoption of technology in field operation. For instance, it allows hands-free text input as well as editing, and comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner. 2. It s the most enterprise-ready wearable available for peace of mind (including both safety and IT security features) RealWear Navigator 500 design and features reflect the feedback taken from more than 5000 enterprise customers who have been using RealWear s assisted reality solutions. While RealWear solutions fully integrate with enterprise-class software, security protocols, and a variety of device management solutions, RealWear Navigator 500 is designed to improve these capabilities even further. The time and friction to get devices up and running, deployed and managed with secure sign-on options has been significantly reduced. Workers can connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data, safely reduce downtime, eliminate travel, improve productivity, while realizing significant ROI. The device can support a diverse group of enterprises to unlock even more use cases in the future as they equip their frontline with cutting-edge technology. Built with enterprise-class security to align with existing company security protocols, it integrates with multiple device management solutions such as SOTI MobiControl, VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Endpoint Managers/Intune, among others. Speedy centralized control and deployment for devices is made easier with Cloud, a core part of RealWear Cloud. A single dashboard provides control of devices, users and applications, irrespective of location. Cloud is now mobile friendly too. Most importantly, Cloud ensures trusted and secure access to certified third-party apps from our growing list of partners. 3. Our voice-controlled app ecosystem is growing fast, and well curated Most companies do not have the content that is needed to deliver instructions, trainings, and manuals. Developing voice-optimized apps requires time and effort to get it right for the user. RealWear devices support a wide range of voice-enabled apps that are growing at an impressive clip. Already, more than 200 leading software partners have optimized their solutions for the micro-display with 100% voice-controlled, hands-free navigation. And to be clear, RealWear goes through a certification and approval process with each app because great user experience matters a lot to frontline workers. With voice commands supported in 17 languages, RealWear solutions can be easily deployed across the globe. RealWear has been teaming up with popular meeting collaboration solutions - like Microsoft Teams, AMA Xpert Eye, Librestream Onsight Connect, Oculus Share, Zoom and WebEx Expert on Demand that are optimized for voice-enabled user experience. RealWear Navigator 500 offers a stunning 48MP camera sensor with enhanced 5X zoom (in telephoto mode) for hard-to-reach low-light areas (think about trying to take a great photo in the dark with just a night light!). Workers can share photos with experts and mentors in real-time to troubleshoot complex problems and reduce equipment downtime. 4. Looking forward, hybrid work will be the wayCompanies are already heading towards a hybrid office work week.3 This means fewer engineers onsite as the companies try to tackle problems remotely. While the focus is on seamless transition to remote work for knowledge workers, there are emerging industry-specific use cases that require remote field support. For instance, hazardous, loud and extreme conditions where consumer devices like tablets and smartphones don t really make the cut. Moreover, millennials are increasingly inclined towards working for select days of week. This also means investing in the right virtual tools will be key for effective training and coaching needed for knowledge transfer. RealWear Navigator 500 is perfectly built to addresses this problem. It offers real-time, assisted-reality access to information. Its value comes to life with different apps for digital workflows, remote inspections, audits and several other use cases. 5. Empowering the frontline workforce is no longer optionalAccording to The State of Technology for the Deskless Workforce 20204, deskless workers remain the "forgotten workforce". Unlike deskbound corporate workers, the roll-out of technology advancements has been quite slow in this space. This is despite the reality that 2.5 billion global workforce are deskless. And, some even work in hazardous sectors like Oil & Gas where safety concerns are of utmost importance. By overcoming the challenges in tech adoption, RealWear solutions help engage, elevate and empower the modern frontline workforce to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Faster access to information, well-crafted trainings will not just help workers achieve their highest potential, but also organizations meet their evolving business goals. With new capabilities and features, RealWear isn t just launching a new industrial wearable! The assisted reality solutions and modular design is a part of a generational shift in how companies in future will service and support their frontline workforce. To know more, download the solution brief and also read how RealWear Navigator 500 stacks against competition to become the industrial wearable device of choice for enterprises. Sources 1 http://desklessworkforce2018.com/?fbclid=IwAR2m1Z8aqxDjzGEirFwJR1K2rVvYPXXsYV1xw-fF6xGKiTy4nnX9Bw3Jlh4 2 https://www.pwc.com/us/en/library/covid-19/us-remote-work-survey.html 3 https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/reimagining-the-postpandemic-workforce 4 https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-state-of-technology-for-the-deskless-workforce-2020-301192698.html