Cloud Services for the Deployment & Management of HMT Devices

The most comprehensive, centralized way to easily deploy and manage your RealWear devices.

Foresight, part of RealWear Cloud, is a powerful application designed to speed the centralized remote deployment of RealWear solutions. It provides unprecedented IT administrative control of devices, users and applications from a single dashboard – no matter where your devices are located.

Secure remote provisioning, deployment, and configuration of RealWear devices

Access to hundreds of trusted optimized apps via our worldclass app catalogue

Auditing utilization
of device and
much more

Complementing the Value of Your
Standard EMM/MDM Solutions

Foresight compliments existing EMM/MDM solutions and enables device specific control and configuration capabilities not available with other EMM and MDM tools. Also, it’s the only way to gain trusted and secure access certified third-party apps designed for our micro display.

Foresight extends the value of your existing EMM/MDM investments:

Remotely configure homescreens and system apps.

Manage specific applications by device.

Provide exclusive access to the optimized app catalog.

Deliver remote collaborate apps from partners like Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Zoom.

Getting Started with Foresight

Download the latest Foresight User Guide today to learn more about the best way to
control your new fleet of devices to get the most value and control.

Have any questions regarding Foresight or need help getting started?
Contact RealWear Support today or check out this video.

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