Your most important tools are your hands. What is hands-free operation?

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Oct 10, 2023

Why is keeping your hands free so crucial in industry?Here at RealWear, we talk about freeing your hands a lot. But why is it so important on the frontline? Allow us to explain...We've all experienced those work situations where we wish we had an extra hand or two. Juggling tools, manuals, flashlights - the struggle is all too real, especially for those working in demanding industrial environments. It would be so much easier and safer if your hands are always free for the task at hand.

That s exactly what we re aiming towards with devices such as the RealWear Navigator 500 Series and RealWear Navigator Z1.

It s all about safety, speed, and accuracy

Frontline workers, often operating in dynamic and potentially hazardous environments, play a critical role in maintaining the backbone of many industries. Keeping their hands free is paramount for several reasons.

Firstly, it ensures safety; when hands are unencumbered, workers can respond quickly to emergencies, stabilize themselves, or handle machinery without delay. Secondly, efficiency is enhanced when tasks can be executed without constantly juggling tools or devices. Thirdly, having both hands available allows for greater precision in tasks, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Additionally, hands-free solutions can prevent physical strain and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. In essence, for frontline workers, having hands free is not just a convenience but a necessity for ensuring safety, efficiency, and health.

The video above explains the situation well. While the RealWear HMT-1 is now end of line, the principle of hands-free operation is alive and well.

The importance of hands in the industrial workspace is inarguable. They are our primary tools for nearly every task we accomplish. It s not uncommon to be in a situation where your hands are engaged in a critical task, and you need to reference a manual or require additional light. That's exactly where RealWear comes in. It's designed to give you the power of a fully functional Android tablet, without having to actually hold it.

RealWear's amazing voice engine

RealWear devices use intuitive voice commands, so there's no need to scroll, swipe, or tap you just utter the prompts you see on the display. You may be thinking that it s all well and good to operate RealWear devices with your voice, but what if the environment is creating such a racket that you can t yourself think? Noise is a huge factor in industry and one that we ve considered from day one with our incredible noise cancellation.

Even in the loudest industrial environments (up to 100DbA), RealWear Navigator 500 Series devices hear you loud and clear. Not only are commands picked up, but Real-time collaboration with remote experts becomes a breeze. They can see what you see, help solve problems, guide you through new procedures, and even record the entire process for training purposes despite the ambient cacophony.

Longevity and comfort

Another element that we ve considered with the design of RealWear Navigator Series is the need for it to fit in around the way you work. RealWear is fully compatible with PPE.Everyone s requirements are different depending on where you work. Hardhats and other head protection come in many shapes and sizes. That s why RealWear is committed to working with as many varieties and classes of hard hats as possible. Clips are available to mount RealWear Navigator devices directly to your hard hat - we even have 3D printable downloads!Another plus is that RealWear is incredibly lightweight and features excellent heat shielding, making it comfortable to use for an entire shift. Perhaps best of all, RealWear doesn t include lenses, meaning that glasses-wearers don t need to remove their specs or get prescription lenses - as is the case with many other smartglasses. It s all been considered to give you all the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

Cost-effectiveness and results

But it's not just about making tasks easier. It's about achieving better results and making cost savings too. With the hands-free approach, workers can prevent mistakes, improve efficiency, and ultimately save money for the company.

So, let's free those hands and let them do what they do best - work. With RealWear s powerful devices, you'll experience a safer, faster, and smarter way to get the job done. After all, isn't that what all workers need and deserve?

Embrace the future of work with RealWear Navigator Series, and let it take your productivity to the next level. Free your hands, free your mind, and revolutionize the way you work.