Why RealWear Cloud is Essential for Every RealWear Device

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Aug 2, 2022

RealWear Cloud is the Ultimate Platform to Streamline Control of Your RealWear Fleet.

When we launched RealWear Navigator 500, we said RealWear was all about being a platform company. To truly achieve this, we need to offer hardware, software, and cloud.

Introducing RealWear Cloud. This is a new offering we just announced designed to empower IT Administrators to enhance and streamline control of their RealWear device fleet.Here are the three big things to know about RealWear Cloud functionality:You can streamline updates and deployments, applying app updates and new firmware to multiple devices at onceIt allows you to analyze and utilize usage data to see how your fleet is being usedFrontline workers can get access to real-time tech support through dialogue or remote device control via a new feature called Cloud Assistance.

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Here s how it works and why it matters.

1. RealWear Cloud streamlines updates and deployments

RealWear Cloud is designed to be a low-touch platform, while providing IT Administrators with a fully streamlined update and management process.Admins can seamlessly schedule firmware updates at a device or group level, simplifying the experience for frontline workers and providing IT administrators with the tools to do their job.You ve got a happy, secure frontline worker who has all the latest and greatest functionality for their device, along with an empowered IT Administrator, who has the command and control they need to do their job.If you don t want to update your full company or a single group of users, you can also simply give a specific frontline worker the latest firmware. But it doesn t just stop at software updates- you can also toggle other functionalities of the device to ensure the right fit and experience that s needed for the job and use case. Why RealWear Cloud matters: With RealWear Cloud, you can get updates deployed quickly, saving time and improving the bottom line.

2. RealWear Cloud helps you analyze and utilize device data

Anybody hear that sucking sound? That s the sound of a lack of usage data available from your frontline team. What if your company was able to gain insights into how your devices are being used? If your frontline team is using RealWear Navigator 500 with RealWear Cloud, this unlocks even more value of the device itself. With RealWear Cloud you will be able to see usage for each device, allowing you to assess which apps are being used and for how much time. For example, your Houston-based field services fleet is using the device at full capacity, all day, every day. However, the Paris fleet is underutilizing the device by 35%. What could this mean? Why? This could mean more training is needed for the Paris team. Or maybe the Paris team only needs to share a few of the devices and the rest can be redeployed!Why RealWear Cloud matters: Making decisions without device and app data could lead your business down the wrong path. RealWear Cloud gives you access to data that supports your experience, helping you scale intuitively and swiftly.

3. With RealWear Cloud Assistance, users get real-time device support

As RealWear devices are frequently deployed in secure enterprise environments, sometimes it requires additional device support at the individual user level. Giving an individual the attention and support they deserve in a private 1:1 setting is productive and rewarding. With RealWear Cloud, you can literally ship the box directly to your frontline teams, have them go through the first few setup screens (ie. Set the language and get on Wi-Fi), and then IT can take it from there.To do this, we ve built in RealWear Cloud Assistance advanced feature into each RealWear device.With RealWear Cloud Assistance enabled, you can communicate to your frontline worker via RealWear Cloud with a click of the CONNECT button, opening up an immediate secure communication bridge between IT and the frontline device user. Once connected, your IT Admin can see what s on the device s screen, control the device, conduct two-way conversations, and resolve any technical issue right there on the spot. By design, RealWear Cloud Assistance is turned off by default and must be turned on by RealWear Support. This gives your IT team the ability to choose how to deploy this powerful new feature.Why RealWear Cloud matters: Giving hands-on remote support to your frontline allows skilled staff to offer real-time resolutions to issues to reduce downtime and frustration. Saving time saves money, and reducing frustration enables a seamless and pain-free RealWear deployment.

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