RIP, glass. Hello, RealWear!

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Jun 2, 2023

Time to Transition: Swap Your Google Glass for RealWear, the Gold Standard in Wearables

We salute and honor Google for all it did to move the wearables market forward. The recent discontinuation of Google Glass may have left you wondering: what now? If you ve relied heavily on the technology for your work or daily activities, you may be wondering what now? The search engine giant s sudden announcement could pose challenges for you.

What if we told you that not only is there a perfect alternative, but it s actually an upgrade? Enter RealWear, a robust head-mounted wearable technology that s already creating waves and proving its worth, saving enterprises a huge amount of money all over the globe.

Why RealWear is the Superior Choice When it Comes to Wearables

Firstly, let s talk about trust. RealWear is not some scrappy upstart in the world of wearable tech; it is a solid device that s trusted by an impressive 41 of the 100 Fortune 100 companies, which speaks volumes about the headset s reliability and credibility. But why is RealWear held in such high esteem? One reason is the rigorous field testing it has undergone. These devices have been put through the paces in the most rugged and challenging environments, making them more than capable of meeting and exceeding your needs.

Next up is battery life. RealWear Navigator 500 Series headsets boast a best-in-industry battery that lasts for an entire work shift. Say goodbye to the worries of having your device power off in the middle of an important task like a remote assist call. And if that s not enough, the battery is hot-swappable, meaning you can replace it with a charged one without shutting the device down we bet your power drill can t even do that! This unique feature ensures zero downtime, a crucial factor in mission-critical settings like telemedicine and manufacturing.

If you loved Glass s Android platform, we have even better news. RealWear runs on Android too, so your favorite apps can be easily ported onto the RealWear device for an amazing voice-only navigation experience. Check out the RealWear App Marketplace to explore the array of compatible apps so you can pick up right where you left off. Our apps are developed for hands-free operation in the most challenging of environments. It s all due to rks great because of our proprietary noise cancelation technology married with our highly reliable voice command system.

But wait, there s more.

Another compelling aspect where RealWear shines over the competition is in its human-centric design. With its monocular display pod that sits just below eye level, the users view isn t obstructed by digital content. Instead, they simply glance down for information, like a car s dashboard. This makes RealWear the best in class when it comes to maintaining situational awareness, allowing for safe and comfortable usage. What s more, the device is highly adaptable, able to be clipped onto multiple hard hats or other mounts, making it suitable to a variety of work environments, whether it s a construction site, a foundry, or even a clinic.

The RealWear Advantage: Making the Switch Today

It s clear that RealWear isn t just an alternative to Google Glass; it s a significant upgrade. A device trusted by industry leaders, built with superior features, and designed with safety and adaptability in mind RealWear is the gold standard in head-mounted wearables.

Don t wait until you start encountering problems with your discontinued Glass. Make the switch to RealWear today and enjoy the benefits of a reliable, cutting-edge technology made by a company that is truly dedicated to wearable solutions.

Are you ready to upgrade to fast track your decision to the gold standard of wearable computing? The transition to RealWear is not just an excellent solution to the discontinuation of Glass, it s a smart move towards better productivity and safety. Make the switch today!

To get started with RealWear and Google Meet, check out our new partner Pexip app in the RealWear App Marketplace!