Medical Smart Glasses: How RealWear is Transforming Education in the NHS

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Oct 30, 2023

How RealWear Medical Smart Glasses are Transforming Education in the NHS.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is now equipped with RealWear's head-mounted tablets, revolutionizing the way healthcare education is delivered. The world of operating theatre procedures is fast becoming more accessible and immersive in the most hands-on, realistic way possible - without the traditional limitations of space and accessibility.

Why is this integration so pivotal?

The NHS is currently navigating a substantial Long Term Workforce Plan, geared toward bridging the skills gap and addressing the burgeoning demand for comprehensive, specialized training. The introduction of RealWear technology is poised to play a significant role in this transformative period.

The Trust, responsible for the healthcare of an impressive 400,000 individuals, has previously encountered substantial obstacles in facilitating immersive, hands-on training for sizable student groups. RealWear smart glasses are dismantling these barriers, inviting an era of inclusive, comprehensive education for students across various fields such as radiography, paramedics, and physiotherapy.

Navigate to better healthcare

Let's delve into the technical marvel that's at the heart of this transformation our Navigator 500 Series. These devices aren't just any smart glasses; they're a lightweight, comfortable, long-wear solution with seamless app integration (including the likes of Microsoft Teams), crafted with the needs of bustling frontline professionals in mind, making it ideal for medical environments.

What sets the RealWear Navigator 500 Series apart?

The magic lies in its adjustable camera, video optical image stabilization, and precision zoom, which render medical operations with crystal clarity. These capabilities allow students to observe procedures as never before, promoting an unparalleled depth of learning.

Real-time interaction between students and surgeons during live procedures.

This level of engagement was previously unimaginable and is now fostering an immersive, interactive educational experience that s second to none.

Our collaboration has already received glowing feedback. Nick Cooke, a consultant with the Trust, shares, RealWear's technology has dramatically expanded our training capacity, accommodating a diverse array of students. It's a day versus a year difference in how many individuals we can now reach!

But it's not just about expanding access; it's about enhancing quality. Jean Angus, Head of Nursing Education, emphasized how our technology boosts student confidence and broadens career aspirations, contributing significantly to addressing the national shortage of theatre professionals.This is just the beginning.The excitement is contagious and the surge in interest is palpable. The ripple effect is extending to other NHS trusts, indicative of a broader trend that's picking up momentum.From our co-founder, Dr. Chris Parkinson: Our goal with RealWear has always been to simplify and amplify the learning process. Seeing our solutions come to life in the healthcare sector, reaching scores of students in real-time, is profoundly rewarding. Our vision doesn't stop here. The Trust is exploring ways to extend the use of our technology to other aspects of patient care, while our devices are proving invaluable for paramedics needing to relay critical information swiftly and efficiently.

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Our mission at RealWear extends beyond creating cutting-edge wearable tech. We're shaping the future of medical education within the NHS, fostering inclusivity, bridging educational gaps, and ensuring everyone has front-row access to critical learning opportunities. The future is bright, and it's being viewed through smart glasses.Read more about how RealWear is being used in healthcare in Provide Health s recent article.You can also find out how to use RealWear in healthcare with our dedicated guide.