HIPAA Compliant Remote Assistance Solution from AMA With RealWear’s Head-Mounted Wearables are now available as a Subscription Offering

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Oct 14, 2020

Enterprise and healthcare customers worldwide are reducing their risk and CAPEX costs with AMA s SaaS-based software platform and wearable hardware bundle.

Over the past three years, AMA and RealWear have been successfully collaborating with more than 90 global customers in over 15 industries and medical institutions. These organizations are reaping the benefits of remote assistance and digital work instructions on RealWear hands-free, voice-controlled headsets.

Building on our successful partnership, AMA is now offering a joint solution on a subscription basis that combines AMA s leading XpertEye Essential solution with RealWear s award-winning HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 hands-free industrial wearable computer to simplify the purchasing, provisioning, deployment and support for industrial customers.

Available from AMA, the subscription starts at:

US$195 per month for 24 months for the XpertEye Essential and RealWear HMT-1 combined solution

US$380 per month for 24 months for the XpertEye Essential and RealWear HMT-1Z1 ATEX combined solution

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We have taken remote support to the next level by ensuring that our customers can extract great value from our solution now and in the future, said Thomas Waendendries, VP Sales & Marketing at AMA. We offer them a solution that meets the following criteria: easy set-up, security, safety, future proof technology and compelling TCO.

The combined solution enables real-time or pre-planned remote visual guidance to control, monitor and manage industrial operations. Service technicians who are working on complex repair or operational problems, while outfitted with RealWear s HMT-1, can be assisted visually by remote experts while still having both their hands free to execute guided instructions. Through live camera-sharing, voice and on-screen annotations, a technician can resolve issues more quickly, thereby improving productivity and maximizing uptime.

XpertEye also allows emergency responders to transmit in real-time a video to an emergency medical dispatcher to help them better assess the seriousness of the situation and provide a faster and more adapted response. The solution also facilitates the coordination between medical services, which has become particularly pertinent throughout the current outbreak.

The XperteEye solution is hosted on data centers certified for medical data hosting (HIPAA compliant, HDS, etc.). The solution does not store any data, transmission is fully encrypted and meets all the requirements for sensitive health transmission.

About AMA

With nearly a decade of proven experience in remote assistance solutions, AMA is helping medical and industrial organizations of all sizes accelerate their smart workplace transformation. AMA s XpertEye Assisted Reality platform has been deployed in more than 80 countries, addressing a wide range of applications like remote diagnostics, inspection, scheduling and workflow management. AMA s presence is truly worldwide with offices in France, Germany, Romania, UK, USA, Hong Kong and China. AMA tells us that this allows them to work in every time zone and reach its customers wherever they happen to be.

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