Hands-Free Operator Guidance in GxP Regulated Environments with Tulip and RealWear

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Apr 19, 2022

By Jen Dyment, Tulip Product Marketing Lead & Ken Lustig, RealWear SVP of Corporate AffairsExecuting procedures like batch records, weigh and dispense and line clearances in cleanrooms or production environments might require an operator's full attention. These process steps may also require both hands, which can make inputting data in any solution difficult while increasing the time and energy it takes to complete a process.Tulip is deployed around the world in regulated environments in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and food and beverage manufacturers. With Tulip, engineers can create right-the-first-time apps that guide operators through production processes via error-proof steps and collect data for compliance, replacing manuals and paper-based documentation.PICTURED ABOVE: RealWear s latest assisted reality device, RealWear Navigator 500. The device has a revolutionary modular design, including an upgradeable camera and a truly hot swappable battery.RealWear Assisted Reality head-worn solutions like RealWear Navigator 500, to enable truly hands-free operations without requiring training beforehand. Using RealWear Navigator 500 running Tulip software, operators can be guided through complex procedures in sterile environments using simple voice commands, foot pedals, or virtual buttons keeping their hands free to work. Operators can get quick access to work instructions and, most importantly, contextual data that helps them complete tasks more efficiently. With Tulip and RealWear, operators can quickly share a first-person point of view perspective with a remote expert for assistance as they have questions or encounter trouble.With Tulip s edge connectivity and support for devices and sensors, the water-proof, dust-proof, drop-proof RealWear assisted reality head-worn devices is the perfect interface for operators using Tulip apps to work hands-free without switching to a stationary screen or handheld tablet or phone. It also provides at-a-glance data like machine status and inventory, paired with always-on instructions. An added advantage of RealWear s voice-enabled system is its noise cancellation, which functions up to 100 dB. This allows for hands-free calls or commands in extremely noisy environments, even when over-the-ear hearing protection is required.Additionally, Tulip supports edge connectivity for connecting apps to machines and IoT devices. With this, engineers can automate data capture or display machine or device information for end users wearing a RealWear headset, including leveraging its imaging capabilities. For example, someone can take a photo of a product in each step of the development process, documenting and storing the information into an electronic batch records (eBR) solution without needing to enter information into another interface. This can be a significant time saving for the technician.

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