Get more out of Microsoft Teams for frontline professionals

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Oct 21, 2023

Microsoft and RealWear have released a new version of the Microsoft Teams RealWear app - bringing even more features to the frontline.Microsoft s update for Microsoft Teams for RealWear is now available via RealWear Cloud! Bringing even more of Teams functionality to the frontline, the latest version includes some amazing new features that drastically improve the hands-free, voice-controlled Teams experience.

Zooming capabilities

While it was previously only available for RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1, you can now use four levels of digital zoom within Microsoft Teams on RealWear Navigator 500! This is hugely important in that you can provide Teams participants with an even greater level of detail than ever before.

Breakout Room Support

Breakout rooms are an incredibly useful feature of Microsoft Teams and now this incredibly handy piece of functionality comes to RealWear devices.

Upgrades to the User Interface

While it s not strictly a feature, the interface has been given an upgrade, making it easier to navigate the app than ever.

720p video support

As standard, all content will be presented in 720p HD video and 15fps.On top of the new features, the update also includes the fantastic features you're used to:Local Camera Flashlight: turn the device flashlight on/off for your outgoing video during a call/meetingAdd participants: nudge new participants into a call/meetingOpen images/pdfs in the native viewer: images and pdfs in chat now open natively allowing control to pan/zoom/freeze The new Microsoft Teams release is available now on RealWear Cloud. For more information how to install the new app, visit our handy knowledge base article.