Discover Human-Centric Apps for RealWear Devices on the all-new App Marketplace

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Mar 28, 2023

RealWear launches App Marketplace for device users to find the solutions they need to get work done faster and safer than ever.

RealWear has long been a game-changer when it comes to wearable devices for frontline professionals. Today, we re taking things to new heights with the launch of RealWear App Marketplace - the one-stop destination for discovering powerful applications for devices including RealWear Navigator 500 Series. With our sleek new platform, you can easily discover everything you need to know about purpose-built apps that enhance productivity and safety within frontline operations.

Reducing friction for the frontline

RealWear is built on the notion of making work safer and easier than ever, reducing friction to make operation more efficient. It s this concept that we re now applying to the software that you can use on your RealWear device. We re always looking to improve and offer better solutions, and we re not too proud to admit when something can be improved. Let s face it, the previous method of finding apps and getting them installed onto devices was okay, but it wasn t quite as intuitive as it could be especially when we re so used to platforms offering clear, easy-to-use app stores. We recognized that this friction could be a real point of contention for some users and could stop companies from getting the most out of their devices. Integrating with our device management solution, RealWear Cloud, the App Marketplace allows anyone to find, learn about, and install their desired app, and then select the group of devices on which to deploy it. It couldn t be easier.

It s not just for the frontline, it s for our passionate partners, too!

Of course, the App Marketplace is also hugely beneficial to developers and partners who want to showcase their apps to the targeted RealWear customer. Every app that is submitted to the platform undergoes a thorough testing and verification process to ensure that it adheres to best practices and RealWear's high standards for UX. This means that customers can trust that the apps they download are reliable and user-friendly. The RealWear App Marketplace is an incredible resource for customers, developers, and partners alike as you can tell, we re incredibly excited about it. We ve taken a huge step in making device usage as friendly as possible. To find out more, head on over to the App Marketplace today.