How to make sustainability and profit your new reality with wearables

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RealWear can help eliminate unnecessary travel, reduce wastepaper, and save you money.

Sustainability has gone from a nice, green buzzword on a bumper sticker to a guiding principle of the biggest companies. Several of the world s leading consulting and financial companies, such as HSBC, Zurich Insurance, Bain & Company, and S&P Global, have already announced plans to quickly cut business travel emissions by as much as 70%. There s no reason why other industries can t do the same. Pressure from investors, growth mindsets, business environmental advocates such as 1% For The Planet, employee retention, and altruistic concerns about future generations lead the charge. In January 2023, airplane fuel (and therefore flight costs) had risen by an ear-popping 70.6% from pre-pandemic January 2019. This has likely also been a factor that s causing CFOs to rethink business travel budgets.Sustainability is not just top-level marketing, it s an important aspect of working culture that s beginning to be ingrained across organizations as part of business operations. Across the RealWear customer base, a significant 93% of respondents stated that sustainability is either somewhat important or very important to their role (62% very important, 31% somewhat important). Whatever factor is leading the charge, if your company isn t being guided by sustainability, you ll be left in a cloud of smog.

There s a better way to work.

We re not talking about adding a couple of recycling bins around your office and then calling yourself a sustainable company. Oh no, we re here to give you real and practical tools that will empower you to be sustainable across your entire business: people, purpose, and profits.

Financial Sustainability

RealWear devices and partner solutions can drastically cut back on the need to travel by allowing you to carry out more tasks remotely. That means plane tickets, travel delays, hotel stays, rental cars, over-priced dinners, sickness from crossing timezones, and paying employees to be traveling instead of working can be a thing of the past. That s a very good thing considering how travel and its associated costs can quickly drain any budget and pollute our planet with unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Example: Since deploying RealWear devices and Remote Expert Guidance Solutions, MHS Truck & Bus estimates that the diagnosis time of vehicle repairs has been reduced by 75% and with a 50% reduction in travel. The company estimates future savings of 2700 liters of fuel per month (based on 9 experts and 300 liters/worker) and 40 hours of travel time per trip. It begs the question: What amazing things could your company do with all the money saved on travel and employee and machine downtime?

Work-Life Sustainability

Traveling can be exhausting and takes employees away from what matters most their families and lives outside of work. Missing children s sports games, anniversaries, hobbies, and even just the comfort of sleeping in one s own bed can really deplete an employee and have a profoundly negative effect on their mental health. In the times of The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, all companies should strive to empower employees to have a fulfilling career and a healthy home life. Scale is not just about mechanics but about the team you build. Refreshed and happy team members stay at a company and proudly build it up.Example: I was always in person to solve a problem, always. I thought that you had to meet in person or I had to travel to one of my plants or to a vendor to get anything done. - Taylor Davis, an electrical engineer at the Process Development Center at Goodyear headquarters. Instead of spending days traveling, I can be online in minutes with a subject matter expert to provide technical support or install a new piece of equipment. Microsoft Teams for RealWear is part of my everyday life to support my projects. Taylor is now even more productive at work and can spend her after-work hours however she wants instead of being stuck in an airport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocvzNpy0h7E

Paper Sustainability

The paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy, and about 50% of the world s industrial logging is for making paper. Industrial companies are notorious for wasting paper, and lugging a heavy paper manual around isn t safe or convenient. With RealWear devices, frontline professionals can instantly access visual instructions, technical manuals, PDFs, images in-situ, checklists, data entry, and visual documentation of completed steps while on the go and hands-free. Our Digital Workflow and Document Navigator solutions improve productivity, reduce operational errors, and save endless sheets of paper.

Assisted Reality is the Norm for Successful Companies.

From life sciences to auto manufacturing, RealWear s fleet of hardware and software is empowering companies to be successful and sustainable in our highly competitive world.Stellantis is a global automotive manufacturer housing Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and many other brands. They re another example of a company that s using RealWear as a key part of their sustainability strategy as they strive to reach carbon net zero by 2038 through their entire supply chain ( Well to Wheel ). Stellantis has utilized RealWear devices to reduce travel needs while improving quality control and project review efforts.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oimvWUgGbKc

Let s build a better world, together.

Your company can achieve true sustainability in all definitions of the word, and the rewards it will bring will be breathtaking. RealWear products make the world and your employees worlds a better place today and in the future and this is just the beginning! Our team never stops inventing ways for companies to be more sustainable. For more information on how RealWear and Assisted Reality Wearables can help with sustainability, download our sustainability white paper that has been developed in partnership with ABI Research.