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Hands Free Voice-Enabled Head Wearables for Every Industry

Solutions for Every Industry

Every industry is different, but all frontline tasks can be made safer and more efficient with connected worker solutions. From the floor of fast-paced auto shops to the dizzying heights of wind turbines, our assisted reality devices are designed to help workers stay productive and aware of the hazards that surround them.


Customer service doesn’t end after the car sale. In fact, it’s just beginning. Learn how RealWear is helping technicians return vehicles back to their drivers more quickly by streamlining the maintenance process.


Digital transformation through IoT, AI and connected worker solutions will enable your workforce to work safely and effectively next to collaborative robots and factory equipment. Reduce downtime, errors and injury risk while accelerating production to meet the growing global demand.

Oil & Gas

Our ruggedized designs give frontline operators hands-free IOT data visualization to safely and easily operate, inspect and maintain equipment. The HMT-1Z1 is the only remote collaboration tool that’s rated to be intrinsically safe in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Connected workers can help frontline medical workers collaborate with specialists and the greater medical community. Hands-free solutions and telemedicine capabilities help keep patients and staff safe.

Energy & Utilities

Global energy and utility leaders trust RealWear to empower and connect their global workforce. RealWear’s connected worker solutions improve frontline workers’ accessibility to reference materials and expert knowledge, enabling them to get vital information at the point of need.

Field Services

Field service workers using RealWear headsets have streamlined processes to achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

Audit and Inspection

With travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, remote audits can help improve accuracy, productivity while eliminating the travel time. Remote audit and inspection can be used for quality and inventory audits, safety inspections and many more auditing use cases.


The pharmaceuticals industry is highly regulated to ensure quality output. The drug development production life cycle used to be long and arduous, but thanks to RealWear, these processes have been radically expedited to provide accurate batch control, industry compliance and downtime avoidance.

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