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We can all benefit by freeing our hands to maintain situational awareness, but specifically workers who need their hands free to do their work and who want to be connected to their workforce and data will benefit greatly. HMT-1 is designed for those who want hands-free computing. For a list of industries currently using the HMT-1, visit our solutions page here. The HMT-1Z1 brings all the features of the HMT-1 into hazardous environments with its ATEX Zone 1 C1/D1 certification.

HMT-1 is a purpose-built, industrial-grade Head-Mounted Tablet designed for rugged use. HMT-1Z1 is Intrinsically Safe – ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1/ certified for potentially explosive environments. For more information on Intrinsically Safe, check out our white paper here.

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Android 8.1. It is specially modified with WearHF to “hands-free” your Android application. Learn more here:

A total of twelve languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Thai languages. For RealWear Firmware Version 8.09-C and higher, local dictation (speech-to-text) is available for the English, Chinese and German languages, and can be toggled by saying ‘My Controls’ > ‘Local Dictation’.

HMT-1 provides a hands-free, voice-activated user interface (UI) to control new and existing Android applications. The speech command recognition is designed to work in extremely noisy environments. Through the use of speech commands and head-tracking, the device literally frees your hands to effectively accomplish critical tasks.

We value your privacy. See our complete policy here: It is posted in the footer of our website.

Our customers have multiple options for securing their HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 devices on the corporate or facility network. These range from native Android features such as user profiles and PIN numbers to enterprise Mobile Device Management systems, many of whom have optimized their solutions for the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1, to the RealWear Cloud which provides some basic management features focused on the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1. Of course, your security needs are highly specific to your organization. We would be happy to discuss your organization’s enterprise security approach and advise you on how the HMT-1 can securely fit into your environment with confidence. Please contact [email protected] to arrange for a detailed conversation with our product team.

We designed the device for you to maintain full situational awareness, so no, the HMT-1 is purposefully designed to sit just below your line of sight, about one-inch away from your dominant eye, allowing you to retain full horizontal peripheral vision. When not needed, the display pod can be flipped out of the way completely.

Absolutely! With six degrees of freedom, the boom arm can be adjusted fully in six locations for use with most types of protective eye-wear.

At this time, only landscape mode. The landscape orientation enables optimal visibility and retains peripheral visibility while using the device.

The HMT-1 weighs about 380 grams. The Intrinsically Safe HMT-1Z1 weighs about 430 grams.

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RealWear Navigator™ 500 general

Click here to view feature difference between RealWear HMT-1® vs RealWear Navigator™ 500

The HMT-1Z1 will continue to be our flagship ATEX rated device. 

HMT-1 will continue to sell alongside the new RealWear Navigator™ 500 solution.

Support will carry on for the duration of the warranty of supplied units.

RealWear Navigator™ 500 will come with a 1-year warranty with the opportunity to purchase two service plans extensions: Essentials and Premier (link to one-sheet)

It is possible to upgrade plans by either purchasing the upgraded service plan on Shopify or through your RealWear reseller. Note, all upgrades must be made within 90 days of purchase.

Yes, if it is within 90 days of purchase of the new RealWear device

Yes, if it is within 90 days of purchase of the new RealWear device

RealWear Navigator™ 500 technical questions

RealWear Navigator™ 500’s key components such as the camera and display can be updated to meet evolving needs, such as the need for a thermal camera.

RealWear Navigator™ 500 has an external battery pack that can quickly be hot swapped to another battery without needing to power down the device.  The HMT-1 has an internal battery cell that requires the device to powered down prior to removal.

The battery pack will last approximately 5 hours depending upon usage and environmental factors.  The battery is also hot-swappable making it easy change out without experiencing downtime.

Like the HMT-1, a dongle can be plugged into RealWear Navigator™ 500’s USB C port. A 4G LTE mini modem will be available at launch.  Plans for 5G are in process.

Applications can easily be transferred through Cloud. For documents, photos, and video, copy them to an SD card on an HMT-1. Then, transfer the SD card to RealWear Navigator™ 500 and copy there.

Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin-Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English (American, Australian, British), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai

Each Device can be configured on boot using QR code with your EMM provider.
EMM guides can be found here.

The Accessories Catalog shows compatibility of with our device offerings.

Yes, some features that are delivered via firmware upgrade will be available on the HMT-1.

Currently, there are no plans to end support for the HMT-1.

Getting started with the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1

Press and hold the power button on the boom arm side of the device for three seconds. The RealWear logo will appear in the display pod when the system is booting up. To power off, press and hold the power button again for three seconds, or you may navigate to the Power Manager application and say, ‘Power Off’. Note: Power Manager application is available as of Firmware Version 8.09-C and higher.

  1. Position the display pod for use with your dominant eye. TIP: To determine your dominant eye, target a distant object through a small opening formed using your two hands. The eye you most naturally use is dominant. A quick web search will yield many instructions on how to determine your dominant eye, or you can check out our user manual here.

  2. Rotate the Boom Arm. The Boom Arm can be adjusted with six degrees of freedom. This means that you can rotate the boom arm using the shoulder and elbow joints to adjust display position as well as for left or right usage and storage.

  3. Adjust the Overhead Strap. Adjust the Overhead Strap such that HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 rests horizontally, slightly above the tops of your ears.

  4. Position the Display Pod below your line of sight. Position the Display Pod just below your line of sight, about an inch from your eye. Using the display should be like looking at the dashboard of a car.

Make sure that you are using your dominant eye and that HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 is adjusted properly. For more information, please see the Getting Started Guide included in the box.

Our devices are designed for hands-free work, so the User Interface (UI) is based on a combination of speech commands and head movements. To navigate a page, simply speak aloud the text you see on the screen. For instance, from the Home Screen, say ‘My Programs’ to open the My Programs screen. From here, you can either speak the name of the desired application to select, or say ‘Select Item #’, ‘#’ representing the number visible beside the object. For example, if an app has the number ‘2’ beside it, select that item by saying ‘Select Item 2’.

When in question, you can always say ‘Show Help’ to display a list of available Global Speech Commands:

  1. “Navigate Home” returns you to the Home Screen.

  2. “Navigate Back” returns you to the previous screen.

  3. “My Controls” opens the My Controls panel, where you can access WiFi networks, Bluetooth, Flashlight, toggle SD Card settings and more.

  4. “Mute Microphone” – Mutes the HMT-1 microphones. To re-enable the microphones, tap the Action Button, located beside the Power Button on the boom arm side of the device.

  5. “Recent Applications” – Displays all open applications. You can cycle through open applications by using the Page Down/Page Up commands. You can say ‘Select Item #’ or ‘Dismiss Item #’ to open or force stop applications respectively. You can also speak the name of an open application in view to bring to focus, or say ‘Dismiss All’ to force stop all open applications.

HMT-1 supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. There are four ways to connect and configure HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1. NOTE: Make sure you are permitted by your company to be connected to a network and that you are complying with your company’s security protocols.

Method 1 (recommended) –

On a desktop computer:

  1. Go to and select ‘Configuration’

  2. Click ‘First Time Setup’

  3. Select your language and click ‘Next’

  4. Set your date and time settings then click ‘Next’

  5. In the ‘Access Point’ field, enter the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect. (Case Sensitive)

  6. Select the WiFi Security type

  7. If required, in the ‘Password’ field, enter the Wi-Fi password for that network

  8. If your network requires entry of a Username or additional Proxy settings, click ‘Show Advanced Options’ and enter your information accordingly

  9. Click ‘Generate Code’

  10. On your HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1, say ‘My Programs’, then ‘Configuration’ to launch the QR Code scanner.

  11. Look at the generated QR code to complete the configuration and connect your HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 to the Wi-Fi network. You will hear a tone when the QR code is successfully scanned.

Method 2 – Companion App

Download the RealWear Companion app on the App Store or Google Play. Follow the instructions to configure your HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 and get connected to your WiFi network.

Method 3 – Use your voice

  1. Say ‘My Controls’ to launch the control panel

  2. Say ‘Set Wi-Fi’ to open a list of available networks

  3. Say the name of the desired network to select it from the list of available networks.

  4. Say ‘Set Password’ to bring up the speech menu. For the most reliable text entry, say ‘Switch Mode’ and speak the military code for the corresponding characters of your password to enter.

LETTERS – Say Switch Mode (This will switch the letter entry mode to the military alphabet with corresponding characters displayed on the screen).
The two and three syllable commands will make for more accurate text entry.
The letter commands can be spoken quickly sequentially e.g. Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta. There is no need to pause after one letter is entered.

NUMBERS – To enter numbers, use the prefix ‘Number’. e.g. ‘Number 1 2 3 4 5’ will appear as ‘12345’

SYMBOLS – To enter symbols, use the prefix ‘Symbol’. e.g. ‘Symbol At Pound Dash Period’ will appear as ‘@#-.’
Saying ‘All Symbols’ will display the commands for every available symbol.

Method 4 – RealWear Explorer

  1. Connect your HMT-1 to your computer using a Micro USB cable and launch RealWear Explorer. You can download RealWear Explorer here: Download RealWear Explorer
    NOTE: If you have any trouble connecting your HMT-1 to RWExplorer, see the RealWear Explorer Tutorial here:

  2. Once connected, click ‘My Programs’, then ‘My Controls’

  3. Select the desired network from the list of available networks.

  4. Enter the network password.

We have special clips with specific hardhat types available in our store. Clips can be purchased at Current supported hardhat types are MSA V-Gard Front Brim and Full Brim varieties, as well as Honeywell NorthZone Front and Full Brim. See all accessories here:

To change the language of your HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1, press and hold the large Action Button, located beside the power button. While holding the button down, International flags that represent available languages will cycle every two seconds. When the desired flag is highlighted, release the button and the system language will switch.

HMT-1 hardware

854×480 micro-display (opaque) with 20 degree field of view (FOV). LCOS panel with backlight and lens optic. Brightness 450 cd/m2.

HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 have 2 GB RAM / 16 GB onboard flash. HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 are also configurable with a MicroSD card for up to 256GB internal and portable storage. You can buy a 64GB MicroSD card here.

The HMT-1 has a large capacity removable, rechargeable battery that is designed to last for 9-10 hours through varied use. Batteries are hot-swappable to avoid downtime or lost progress while working. You can buy additional batteries and multi-battery chargers for extended use here.
NOTE: The HMT-1Z1 battery provides the same battery life, but is not removablet

HMT-1 Only: When your HMT-1 battery is running low and you are in the middle of a job, the HMT-1 has been designed to have a hot-swappable battery so you don’t skip a beat. This means that when you swap out the drained battery with a fully charged battery, you are not losing any information and the device temporarily stays on.
  • This step is available in firmware versions 8.09-C and higher* To swap the HMT-1 battery without doing a full power cycle: From the Home Screen, say:
  1. My Programs
  2. Power Manager
  3. Swap Battery
  4. Start Swap
The screen will go dark, and the device will enter Hot Swap mode, relying on the internal reserve battery and allowing you to swap the battery without losing application state or progress. Remove the battery from the rear compartment and replace, securing the battery cap and rear flap into place. When the battery is secure, tap the power button ONCE. This will return you to the Power Manager screen, where you can Navigate Home or Navigate Back to get right back to work. NOTE: HMT-1Z1 Battery is not hot-swappable

HMT-1 is built to last in industrial environments.
The HMT-1 has been tested and gained the following certifications:

  • IP-66 certified (dust proof and water proof)

  • 2 meter drop test onto concrete certified

  • MIL-STD 810G

No. The HMT-1Z1 is now available and is FMC1/D1 & ATEX Zone 1 certified for potentially explosive environments.

Yes. There is an audio jack located beneath the rear flap of HMT-1. RealWear offers hearing-protection earbuds that provide 33dB noise reduction, optimized for the HMT-1/1Z1 and certified Intrinsically Safe when used with the HMT-1Z1:

The Action Button is a software-controlled button that, by default, will take the user to the ‘Home’ screen when pressed once. This can be reassigned within custom applications.

Tapping the Action Button three times will toggle between the front and rear microphones of the device (As of Firmware Version 8.09-C).

If you press and hold the action button, the HMT-1 will cycle through system languages. Release the Action Button when the national flag of the desired represented language is highlighted.

The Action Button will also unmute the microphones, if they have been muted via the command ‘Mute Microphone’

HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 software

HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 support Firmware over-the-air (OTA) updates which will be pushed out periodically. These can be downloaded and installed via the ‘Wireless Update’ app. Open the ‘Wireless Update’ application and say, ‘Check for Updates’. Contact [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

Yes. HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 have assisted GPS. In addition, they have gyroscopes and a digital compass that can be combined with other technologies for internal location. They are also compatible with Bluetooth beacons.

WearHF is the RealWear accessibility layer that allows you to control the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 using only your voice.

WearML is a custom markup language that allows you to customize speech commands within your application. See here:

HMT-1 can be connected to RealWear Explorer (RWExplorer) using the USB-C to Micro USB adapter included in the box. HMT-1Z1 must use the IS Micro USB cable included in the box. Connect the adapted cable to the Micro USB port. With the device connected, you can easily side- load applications, customize WearML and mirror the HMT-1 display pod onto your desktop for multiple viewers.

If you are having an issue connecting to RWExplorer, make sure you are using the included USB cable and adapter.

If RWExplorer is still ‘Waiting for Headset to Connect…’ and you are on a PC, you may need to install the ADB Driver. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On you desktop computer go to

  2. Download the ADB Driver Installer

  3. Connect HMT-1 to your computer with the USB-C cable AND Micro USB adapter

  4. Run the installer and follow the steps to complete the installation

  5. Launch RWExplorer


If on a Mac and seeing the same issue, please double check that you are using the proper cable.

For additional issues or concerns, contact [email protected]

HMT-1 is designed primarily for non-immersive tablet or smartphone style applications. These can be contextualized to the local environment by GPS, QR code, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other location indication. It is possible to run AR apps that are intended for Android tablets or phones if they utilize popular AR libraries such as Wikitude and some others. AR Core and the 3D mode of Vuforia are not supported. Apps may be written in Unity and voice control of these apps is possible using developer documentation at HMT Development Environments/

Yes. Micro SD Card support is available for both internal and portable functionality. You can use an SD card up to 256GB in size. To install, open the side compartment near the power button with a Philips-head screwdriver and insert and lock the card in place. Say ‘My Controls’, then say ‘Use Card’ to switch to SD Card storage. All photos and videos captured will be stored to the Micro SD Card, and files currently on the card will be available for viewing on the HMT-1. Note: The Micro SD card must be FAT32 formatted. You can buy a 64GB MicroSD card here.

From the home screen, say ‘My Controls’ to launch the Control Panel, then say ‘Flashlight on’ to power on the forward-facing flashlight. Say ‘Flashlight off’ to turn off the flashlight.

The ‘Flashlight On’ and ‘Flashlight Off’ commands will also work in the ‘My Camera’ application while taking photos or videos.

To use the Manual Focus feature, follow these steps:

  1. In the ‘My Camera’ app, say ‘Manual Focus’

  2. A purple indicator should appear in center of screen for 2 seconds.

  3. Make sure that whatever you want to lock focus onto is at center of view for this 2 seconds

  4. The camera will use its auto-focus to focus on the center of the view

  5. After 2 seconds the auto focus will be turned off, leaving the focus fixed

Note: If you want to change the focus again, simply say ‘manual focus’ to allow above procedure to repeat.
Say ‘Auto Focus’ to switch back to auto-focus mode.

HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 allow access to standard Android settings including Bluetooth pairing. From any screen, say ‘My Controls’>’Set Bluetooth’ and ‘Switch On’. Select the device to which you wish to pair by speaking the name of the device, or using the ‘Select Item #’ command to choose the corresponding number. You may need to speak the command ‘Pair’ and tap ‘Pair’ on the corresponding Bluetooth Device if a notification appears, allowing the device to successfully connect.

Depending on the Bluetooth connection type, you can toggle between both of the standard Bluetooth modes. Bluetooth Master mode allows you to send information via Bluetooth, such that you can connect to an external Bluetooth speaker, and Bluetooth Slave mode allows the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 to receive, such that you can use the HMT-1 as a headset for your mobile phone, for example.

To switch modes, say ‘My Controls’ > ‘Bluetooth Mode Slave/Master’

Master/Slave toggle feature available as of Firmware Version 8.09-C. Please be sure to upgrade your firmware to the latest version via the ‘Wireless Update’ application.

To add or delete files, you can say ‘My Files’ and navigate to either ‘My Photos’‘My Media’ or ‘My Documents’. From there, say ‘Edit Mode’ to switch to the edit mode. Say ‘Select Item #’ to select items. Once selected, you can say ‘Delete Selected’ to remove from the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1. To add files to your HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1, you must connect your device to PC or Mac using the Micro USB adapter and USB-C cable (Included). Note that the Micro USB adapter must be used for all data transfer, as the USB port is Power Only.

If using a PC, a disk icon will appear representing HMT-1/HMT-1Z1. You can navigate the files and folders of HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 by clicking on the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 icon. Drag files onto HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 to add them, and drag files from HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 to the trash can to delete them. If you are connecting to a Mac, you will need to download and run the Android File Transfer application, available here:
Functionality is the same as above for Mac once Android File Transfer is installed.

Drag and drop .apk files into the RealWear Explorer application with the device connected via the USB-C cable and Micro USB adapter. You can download RealWear Explorer here. The Micro USB adapter and Micro USB port must be used for data transfer. You can use speech commands or RealWear Explorer mouse clicks to uninstall applications:

From the Home Screen, say or select:

  1. ‘My Programs’
  2. ‘Settings’
  3. ‘Applications’
  4. ‘Speak or select the name of the desired application to uninstall’

  5. ‘Uninstall’

For instructions on the recommended screen casting approach, see this instruction.

Note that some newer televisions have a built-in Screen Mirroring option. If the TV is set to this mode, the Screen Mirroring can be detected by the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 and connected via the Display>Cast setting as defined in the document linked above.

In situations in which the display pod (micro-display) is not needed, but you want to continue to use the microphones, switch to the rear microphones simply by tapping the Action Button three times consecutively. Tap three times again to return to the front microphones. Feature available as of Firmware Version 8.09-C.

Visit for tutorials and sample code for speech-enabling apps built using Native Android, Cordova, HTML, React Native, Unity and Xamarin.

Yes. HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 are standard Android 6.0 compliant devices. Speech technologies are automatically added to your existing application, enabling them to be used in a hands-free environment. Please see for information on how to speech enable your app.

  1. Say ‘My Controls’

  2. Say ‘Select Brightness 1-5’ where ‘1’ is the darkest and ‘5’ is the brightest setting.

  1. Say ‘My Controls’

  2. Say ‘Select Volume 1-5’ where ‘1’ is the quietest and ‘5’ is the loudest setting.

Cloud is a powerful suite of cloud services for RealWear devices. With Cloud, organizations can manage their devices, install and update apps, make device settings, and manage security – all from a web portal accessible anywhere in the world. Devices may be in any location as well so that it is easy to manage HMTs whether they are all working out of the same location or are spread around the world.

Cloud accelerates the roll-out of connected work programs, from evaluation through pilot to production use. Because Cloud is already integrated into every shipped HMT-1 device, administrators can start managing their devices right out of the box. Best of all, the basic functions of Cloud are provided to every customer at no charge.

Managing your HMT fleet is fast, simple, and free. All you need is an HMT, a computer with web access, and your own Cloud space which RealWear’s Cloud team can set up for you even before you receive your first device. You don’t need to be highly technical to manage HMT devices – many small workgroups will manage their own set of devices. Others manage device deployments of hundreds of devices across the globe.

All you need to start using Cloud is at least one HMT device and a Cloud space. You can request a space on our website at Just click the “Get Started” link and fill out the form. We’ll get you set up with a Cloud login right away.

Other + HMT-1Z1 specific

  1. Earmuffs or over-ear protection cannot be used – HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 occupies all the space above the ears where the earmuffs would seal out the noise. HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 also utilizes the helmet mounting slots where earmuffs typically attach. Earmuffs will prevent the user hearing the remote mentor talking to them. Earmuffs with speakers inside and a 3.5mm plug will not be intrinsically safe when plugged into HMT-1Z1, even if they are separately Intrinsically Safe certified/compliant. (They have to be certified together.)

  2. RealWear has NRR headphones 33dB SNR/NRR, Intrinsically Certified to C1/D1, ATEX Zone 1 when used with the HMT-1Z1. Memory foam tips in small, medium and large sizes are available as a consumable item. This product has been optimized for HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 use including its cable lengths and connectors.

  3. If the user is trained on fitting the earbuds properly, he/she can get 33 dB NRR actual performance. To account for user error in fitting, NIOSH recommends de-rating in-ear buds by 50%. The worst case NRR performance in the real world is 16.5 dB

  4. The hearing damage limit for continuous exposure is 85dB (NIOSH). 85dB+16.5dB= 101.5dB. This is louder than the limit of voice recognition working on HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 (which is rated at 95 dB). If it is louder than 101.5dB for continuous exposure the user will not be using the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1.

  5. The NIOSH one-hour hearing damage limit is 94dB. 94dB+16.5dB = 110.5dB. Areas greater than 110.5dB where the user spends greater than or equal to 1 hour at a time are extremely rare in the workplace.

  6. In practical terms our NRR headset fulfills hearing safety needs in all situations where the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 is applicable for use.

  1. Yes. You can use the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 as a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone. PTT will be controlled from the smartphone and/or the smart phones accessories.

  2. HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 do not have built-in cellular but operate on Wi-Fi. If your PTT relies on cellular, you need your smartphone.

  3. Android Smartphone PTT apps that run over Wi-Fi have some potential to be run directly on the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 in the future. The HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 does have a button on the side that might be used for the PTT button, but the user interface including selection of talk groups, use of barge-in or pre-emption or man-down functions will need to be re-developed for hands-free use, and the audio handling optimized for the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1. This will require that the app vendor works directly with RealWear to make changes. No apps are supported at this time but please let us know the specific apps you are interested in and the minimum subset of functionality that is desired to be supported on the HMT-1 so our team can evaluate.

  1. No, the QP100Ex and HMT-1Z1 are not currently certified for use together.

  2. The QuietPro product team is evaluating if a custom cable can be produced which would permit Intrinsically Certified connection of these products, using the 3.5mm jack on the HMT-1Z1 but this is not been determined yet.

  1. Here is a document that covers the other clips (inc. Proguard Advantage 1 and 3M H-700 – both front brim style) for which we have 3D models that the customer can download and 3D print themselves. The customer can also modify one of our 3D models to make their own clips for their specific hard hat.

  2. Cost-effective zip ties work very well to securely connect the HMT-1/HMT-1Z1 via the attachment points for the clips, to a hard hat via the accessory slots if a hard hat can be dedicated to HMT usage.

  3. Consider changing to an MSA V-gard or Honeywell NorthZone full brim or front brim hard hat. MSA and Honeywell have global safety certifications. The MSA V-gard is certified intrinsically safe for use with HMT-1Z1. Relatively speaking, a hard hat is a very low-cost item.

No. HMT-1Z1 must be charged only using the Intrinsically Safe inline safety box supplied by RealWear. Charging must be done outside an Intrinsically Safe zone.

No. Connecting a non-intrinsically safe device to HMT-1Z1 will immediately void the RealWear warranty and will render the device unusable in an Intrinsically Safe zone.

You can find the list of all the compatible intrinsically safe accessories on our website:

Yes. HMT-1Z1 has been approved for use in a Division 1 hazardous location. It can be used in a Division 2 hazardous location, providing it is in the same class and group.

II 2D Ex ib IIIC T135°C Db IP6X
IECExEx ib IIC T4 Gb
Ex ib IIIC T135°C Db IP6X
NEC500Class I, Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D T4
Class II & III, Division1, Groups E,F,G T4

No, the firmware builds for HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 are different.

Charging time on HMT-1Z1 ranges from 0% to 100% in switched-off condition is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

You can only use approved micro-SD card in HMT-1Z1. Please refer to the list of HMT-1Z1 compatible accessories.

HMT-1Z1 can be used with these three mounting Intrinsically Safe (IS) approved options available through the RealWear store:

  1. Head strap

  2. Tri-band strap

  3. Hard hat clips

No. HMT-1Z1 battery is non-removable (to comply with Intrinsically Safe standards).

HMT-1Z1 does not have a USB-C port by design. HMT-1Z1 has a single micro-USB port which is used for charging and data.

Yes. You can connect Inline IS Safety box supplied with HMT-1Z1 in a non-Intrinsically Safe zone to connect the HMT-1Z1 to a laptop.

Yes. RealWear offers IS certified hearing-protection earbuds that provide 33dB noise reduction, tested with HMT-1Z1:


Please click HERE and fill out the form to submit your request. Please make sure to select “Support Request” as your reason for contacting us.

i. Before starting the warranty process, please review all of the “Frequently Asked Questions” on this page.
ii. If the FAQ’s do not resolve your problem, then please submit a “Support Request” online at
iii. Before sending your Hardware to RealWear for service, be sure to keep a copy of any data you want to save, and delete anything you consider confidential. RealWear is not responsible for your data and may erase it. Any shipping cost related to warranty is paid by the customer.

Please review our Terms of Sale for warranty information.

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