RealWear to Showcase Revolutionary Intrinsically Safe Wearable at IMARC 2023

RealWear to Showcase Revolutionary Intrinsically Safe Wearable at IMARC 2023



Sydney, Australia — RealWear, the global leader in hands-free wearable computing, will be showcasing its latest intrinsically safe wearable, RealWear Navigator Z1, at International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) from October 31 to November 2, 2023. This premier event brings together mining professionals, thought leaders, and innovators to advance the industry. 

Key Digital Transformation Trends in Mining: 

The mining industry is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by technological innovations that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability. As mining operations evolve, so do the challenges. Australia is one of the most important countries for the mining industry, ranking among the top for iron ore, zinc, nickel and cobalt, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.  However, Australia continues to grapple with significant challenges including worker safety and productivity.  The industry is beginning to focus on digital transformation as a means to drive greater productivity, while balancing safety concerns.

Why Media Should Pay Attention to RealWear and Wearables

With cost-effective wearables and AI going mainstream in industry, RealWear is at the forefront of this digital revolution happening in mining, offering an innovative mining solution to the safety challenges posed by these hazardous work areas. Wearable technology, such as RealWear’s Navigator Z1 for intrinsically safe environments, empowers mining technicians and personnel by providing hands-free, voice-operated, ruggedized wearable computing solutions.  The media should take note of RealWear’s presence at IMARC and the broader trend of wearables in mining for several compelling reasons: Enhanced Safety: RealWear’s hands-free technology equips mining technicians with the ability to access critical information and communicate with colleagues without taking their hands off essential tasks. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in the mining environment.

Operational Efficiency: By providing instant access to data, schematics, and remote experts, RealWear’s wearables streamline maintenance and troubleshooting procedures, ensuring faster response times and minimal downtime.

Cost Savings: With the adoption of wearables, mining companies can potentially reduce training costs, minimize equipment downtime, and improve overall productivity, ultimately leading to cost savings. The Intrinsically Safe RealWear Navigator Z1

IMARC spokesperson Paul Phelan said: “The International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) is delighted to welcome RealWear to this year’s event, which is all about showcasing the most advanced technology from around the world that is helping to drive a safer, more efficient and sustainable industry. 

“RealWear is a great example of the relentless innovation that is helping address the complex challenges the global industry is facing.  IMARC is where global mining leaders collaborate on trends in mining, investment, and innovation and as Australia’s largest mining event, it brings together over 8,500 decision-makers, mining leaders, policymakers, investors, commodity buyers, technical experts, innovators, and educators from more than 120 countries for three days of learning, deal-making, and unparalleled networking.” 

Typical Use Cases for RealWear in Mining: 

RealWear’s hands-free computers find a multitude of applications in mining, including but not limited to: 

Remote Assistance: Technicians can receive real-time guidance from experts located anywhere in the world, reducing the need for on-site personnel and travel. 

Maintenance and Inspections: Hands-free access to schematics, documentation, and maintenance records allows technicians to perform tasks efficiently and accurately. 

Training and Onboarding: New employees can benefit from on-the-job training, using RealWear’s wearables to access instructional materials and connect with experienced mentors. 

RealWear invites IMARC attendees to visit them at booth D53, where they will demonstrate how their wearable technology is revolutionizing the mining industry. 

As mining operations embrace the digital age and prioritize safety and efficiency, RealWear’s wearable computing solutions offer a promising way forward. Media and industry professionals attending IMARC 2023 are encouraged to explore the potential of these innovative technologies and the significant benefits they bring to the mining sector. For more information about RealWear and their participation in IMARC 2023, please visit  

About RealWear

RealWear is the global leader in hands-free wearable computing for industrial workers. Its head-mounted wearable solutions are rugged, voice-operated, and designed to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity across various industries.