Assisted Reality (aR)
Head Wearables for
Industrial Field Use

Industrial strength assisted reality (aR) solutions safely deliver real-time information to the frontline worker through a combination of head-mounted wearables, software, a hands-free, voice-controlled UX, and leveraging powerful technologies like cloud and AI.


Why Assisted Reality?

Fueled by the pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated and brought extended reality (XR) technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and assisted reality (aR) from the innovation labs into business operations everywhere. But the majority of these XR technologies are not for the frontline worker and certainly not to be integrated into the enterprise. For instance, AR creates immersive experiences by displaying an invasive overlay of digital content in front of the user’s line of sight, potentially interfering or obstructing the physical world. Assisted Reality, however, sits squarely on the XR spectrum closest to the physical environment of reality.

Assisted Reality is a Reality First, Digital Second Experience

Assisted reality is “reality first, digital second”, deftly balancing both safety and productivity for the needs of modern industry as we realize Industry 4.0. It allows a person to view information without obstructing one’s field of view, controlling what is seen with just the user’s voice rather than hand gestures such as waving or pinching in the air, or using a touchscreen of a tablet (which requires removing PPE/work gloves). In fact, assisted reality eliminates the need to take off your gloves to navigate via a touchscreen or make wild gestures, potentially putting your health and safety at risk.

Why Choose RealWear
for Assisted Reality Solutions

Our RealWear devices are industrial-strength assisted reality technology because they provide hands-free, voice-controlled access to industry-specific solutions, making frontline tasks safer and more efficient with connected worker solutions. Special apps can be loaded to provide specific information to the user for the job they are conducting.

Enhance worker safety

Hands-free, voice-enabled headsets can be used in any environment and are compatible with PPEs like hardhats, and other gear.

Improve access to information

With powerful wireless connectivity, users can access and display relevant information in most multimedia formats.

Increase expert accessibility

High-resolution cameras and noise-canceling microphones and headphones allow the frontline worker access to experts around the world.

Boost productivity and efficiency

Performs all actions of a tablet, without the hassle of handling a device in hazardous or inconvenient circumstances.

Reduce costs

With efficient remote visits, enterprises save costs of travel, avoid workplace accidents, and reduce equipment downtime.

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