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As onsite training and guidance becomes less feasible or even possible, it’s important for industrial enterprises to embrace technology to remain productive and successful. Augmented Reality is one way to reduce the need for onsite technical expertise with the ability to provide this support from a remote location. With Vuforia Chalk for RealWear, field technicians can receive remote support to assist in maintenance and troubleshooting that would otherwise require onsite presence from a seasoned expert. Rather than spending time and money to send an expert on-premise, Chalk for RealWear enables that expertise to be delivered remotely, while allowing a field technician to work with both hands as they receive detailed, annotated information through their RealWear device.

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Key Benefits

Increase productivity and safety

Increase your workforce productivity and safety with 

hands-free access to remote expertise

Quicker time to resolution

Quicker time to resolution with more accurate and precise guidance through RealWear’s micro-display screen

Reduce onsite travel costs

Reduce onsite travel costs by enabling remote experts to assist frontline workers at any location


Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Using PTC Vuforia Chalk, with a RealWear HMT-1 headset, to troubleshoot an issue, is invaluable. A technician now has the ability to safely work and resolve an issue, freely using both hands, while a remote expert can see, and hear what is going on. Now the remote expert has the added ability to send images to guide the technician, on what part to focus on and repair“
Douglas Forbes
Information Software Solution Consultant Rockwell Automation

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