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Getting Started with Release 10

Release Notes HMT-1 version 10.0.0

1. Release Overview

This Release Notes document is for the RealWear HMT-1 firmware release 10.0.0. The release is only applicable to the HMT-1 standard model.

Any HMT-1 ever sold by RealWear may update to this release.


1.1 Deliverables

Delivery Data

RealWear Inc.

Model Number
HMT-1 (T1100G)

Firmware Version

Build File Name


2 Release Notes

2.1 Operating system upgrade to Android Version 8.1.0

Android Version
The HMT Operating system has been upgraded from Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) to a smarter, faster and more powerful version Android 8.1.0 (Oreo).

The API version is 27.

Security Patch Level
10.0.0 includes all security patches release to Android as of the end of December, 2018.

2.2 New Features in Maintenance Release

For a full overview of HMT-1 features in this release, refer to the updated Release 10 User Guide at

Application Changes
In addition to an upgraded Android operating system, the HMT-1 user interface has been enhanced.

Camera System
• Includes a fully re-designed UI in My Camera and device-level settings in My Controls.

• Enhanced manual focus, enables focus and exposure lock on one of nine screen regions

• Manual Exposure Control of five levels of exposure

• Flash Settings – manual flash, auto-flash, and off

• Preview Link – enables immediate preview of photo or video with immediate delete if desired.

• More Options – Redesigned list control with setting controls for Field of View (FOV), Resolution, Video Frames Per Second (FPS), Flash, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), Low Light Video (LLV), and Low Light Photo (LLP)


File Explorer

• Folder support enables multiple levels of folders for storing and retrieving enterprise files.

• File browsing more intuitive and allows for long file names to be read and launched via voice.

• Pagination capability to allow many multiple pages of files.

• Sort option to sort by date/time and name..

Document Viewer:

• Re-designed UI: Zoom scale increased and optimized


Configuration App:

Updated to provide more guidance to user on how to access QR code creators on web browsers or RealWear’s mobile Companion App

• Barcode Reader: UI updated

• Media Player: UI updated and more play commands added


User Interface Changes

Speech Keyboard: New keyboard system uses head-panning to more quickly learn keyboard commands
• Loads in a partial screen to more closely operate like existing Android systems
• Secure entry option for password fields
• English only

Theming Support:
• The user may change between dark and light modes for day/night user or individual user preference.
• Product ships in Dark Mode by default.

Home screen: Revised layout including configuration options changing application launch icons.

Status Bar: The status bar is now visible on all RealWear screens including the Home Page, My Programs Page, and all RealWear software.
• Lock Screen: The Lock Screen allows notifications to show and automatically loads the secure keyboard when PIN entry is required.

My Controls: Using a brand-new list control, My Controls will enable expansion and customization of the control list.
• New pop up My Controls window with head-tracked scrolling
• Power Manager accessible through My Controls at any time, from any app screen
• New Theme Setting
• Volume, Brightness, Auto-Mute, WIFI, BT, Mouse, Auto-Rotate, Flashlight, Dictation Local

Language: Thai & Polish languages added.


3 Software Update Method

This Firmware Over-the-Air (OTA) update is available for HMT-1s running software version HMT-1.G.2-6.0.1-09.05-C (i.e. 9.05).

All applications and user data will be preserved through the update process. However, whenever updating firmware we suggest to always make a backup first of your personal files including photos, images, and documents” before proceeding.

If the HMT-1 is a lower version (8.09 or 7.0x), upgrade to the next highest version until at 9.05, then upgrade to 10.0.0.


3.1 Manual Update

1. Ensure the HMT-1 is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Do not move out of the Wi-Fi network while download in progress.

2. Ensure the HMT-1’s battery is charged to at least 30% (50% recommended).

3. If the HMT-1 device is connected to a computer, disconnect before updating.

4. Go to “My Programs” →“Wireless Update” →“Check for updates”

5. Download the Firmware OTA package

6. The screen will show progress as it downloads the install package:

7. When the download has completed (signified by showing 100% progress), say “Install Now” to install the update immediately.

8. “Install Later” will prompt you for a schedule to update in the future.

9. The device will enter into upgrade mode ending with an automatic reboot. When it restarts, the device will be fully updated.