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Frontline workers know what the real world can throw at you in the course of a day. Inclimate weather, noise, heights, dust, dirt and hazardous environments are their version of an office. In challenging workspaces with limited guidance, the need to connect to remote expertise has never been more important. And there’s only one collaboration solution up to the job.

Empower your frontline workers by providing hands-free collaboration with remote experts in real time.

Webex Expert on Demand for RealWear delivers hands-free, remote collaboration designed for getting work done anywhere, anytime.

Taking Collaboration to
a New Level

Webex Expert on Demand for RealWear does more than scale vital expertise across your organization. It invites teams into one shared, immersive experience. It enables teams to collaborate with enhanced features such as real-time video, annotation, multi-party calls and more. The ease of Webex Expert on Demand combined with a host of intuitive assisted reality capabilities on the RealWear device ensures users have the visibility and dexterity to solve problems faster.

This is more than a new piece of technology. It’s a whole new way to connect your workforce.

Field Service Support

Transform remote maintenance by empowering dispatched technicians with all the expertise required to quickly diagnose and repair mission-critical equipment through hands-free collaboration.

Remote Training

Save on travel costs for experts, as well training and education by enabling a fully virtual immersive learning experience to quickly onboard new hires and share institutional knowledge.

Manufacturing Assembly

Improve assembly line operations by connecting experts to operators for real-time troubleshooting and easily share assembly instructions for complex tasks.

Quality Audits and Inspections

Reduce travel expenses by providing suppliers, vendors and customers with remote access to facilities and equipment using real-time video and photo capture.

Car Dealerships and Service Centers

Perform car maintenance faster and connect the dealership to specialized technicians for quick issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction.


Quickly enable specialists to guide doctors through an examination or surgery in real-time, providing the patient access to expertise and a chance at a better outcome.

Eliminate downtime by up to 75%

Your first-time fixes on heavy equipment can be reduced by up to 75% through collaboration.

Reduce travel footprint

Let a single remote expert assist multiple machines and facilities at once, without costly travel.

Empower your frontline worker

Every worker deserves the power of remote collaboration. By freeing a worker’s hands, you can give them access to knowledge at the speed of light.
With Webex Expert on Demand, Hirschmann Automotive has been able to remarkably increase first-time fix rates, improve the speed of first-time resolution while also significantly reducing expert travel expenses in the last two quarters.
Klemens Fliri
IT-Systems Engineer Global UC & Leader IT-Apprenticeship Hirschmann Automotive
See it.
Solve it.
The first step to answering any challenge is seeing it clearly. Next, your team has to collaborate seamlessly to find a solution. That’s why Webex Expert on Demand for RealWear created a platform that places powerful features at frontline workers’ control—for better problem solving, faster decision-making, and a sizable return on investment.

Make a call

Instantly place a call to anyone from your recent contact list or company directory, or request help in a dedicated Webex space with all required experts included.

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Join scheduled meetings

Remote experts can schedule training and regular maintenance inspections ahead of time, and the HMT-1 user easily joins with real-time device notifications.

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Multi-party calls

Easily initiate a multi-party call with up to 200 participants to scale expertise and provide an interactive virtual training, despite travel restrictions or costs.

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Instant image capture

While troubleshooting, capture an image and instantly share to identify the issue, resolve it faster, and reduce downtime.

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Content annotation

Easily pinpoint an issue by annotating with a variety of colors, cursors, and shapes using voice commands or head-tracking movements.

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Easy sharing

Screen and content sharing are natural. A remote expert can share content from their laptop screen, and frontline workers can view that content on the device display, using it to solve the problem in front of them.

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Flexible video layouts

Customize video layout options and views to focus on the frontline worker. This is useful when all eyes need to be on the frontline worker and sharing content.

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Digital workflow

Improve job quality with interactive and digitized work instructions that help guide workers in day-to-day tasks.

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End-to-end security

Security is a priority. Webex Expert on Demand utilizes single sign-on, Active Directory Federation Services, multi-factor authentication, and end-to-end data encryption.

Solution Architecture Overview

Secure remote collaboration, powered by Webex

Let’s Get to Work

Learn more about scaling vital expertise and empowering your remote workforce through a hands-free, remote collaboration experience designed for getting work done anywhere, anytime.

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