Dr. Chris Parkinson, CEO and Co-founder of RealWear, to Moderate Key Panel on the State of the XR Industry at the Augmented Enterprise Summit in Houston, TX 

XR Experts from Boeing, Turner Construction, Dow, Sysco and Delta to discuss real XR deployments, as well as trends and predictions including the role of Artificial Intelligence in XR 

Houston, TX – October 24, 2023 

Event Details: 

      • What: Panel Discussion on the State of the XR Industry 

      • When: Tuesday, October 24 • 9:25am – 10:10am Central (US) 

      • Where: Houston, TX, Augmented Enterprise Summit, The Westin Galleria  

      • Livestream: The panel will be livestreamed to all attendees. 

    Houston, TX (AES) – Dr. Chris Parkinson, CEO, and Cofounder of RealWear, a pioneer in the enterprise wearables industry, is confirmed to moderate an industry panel discussion on the State of the XR (Extended Reality) Industry at the highly anticipated Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) in Houston, TX.  The inaugural AES (formerly EWTS) event is known for attracting the ‘who’s who’ of major enterprise companies looking to augment their workforce with XR enterprise wearables. 

    Why Attend 

    Get soundbytes from Fortune 500 companies about the state of XR 

    Pull Quote 

    “I am honored to lead the panel discussion at AES on the state of XR.  With the meteoric rise of AI this year, expect the XR industry to have another positive accelerant, potentially far bigger than how the pandemic accelerated our industry two years ago,” said Dr. Chris Parkinson, ccofounder and CEO of RealWear.  “With the advent of AI and natural language processing for wearables, I’m expecting the larger conversation to be about how we can get AI into wearables as fast as possible.” 

    This panel discussion promises to provide invaluable insights into the current state of the XR industry and its interplay with AI and other emerging technologies. With the participation of esteemed panelists from industry giants including Boeing, Turner Construction, Dow, Sysco, and Delta, attendees can expect a high-octane discussion on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the XR landscape. 

    In addition to moderating the panel, Dr. Parkinson is expected to unveil an exciting new product, further cementing RealWear’s reputation as an innovative force in the XR industry. This product launch will take place in front of a diverse audience of over 800 attendees, including industry leaders, experts, and analysts.

    About RealWear:

    RealWear, a global leader in hands-free, wearable computing solutions for frontline workers, was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA. With a vision of creating a world where every frontline worker is equipped to perform at their best, work safely, and take pride in the quality of their work, RealWear is on a mission to empower more than 2 billion frontline workers with the best technology solutions and support. 

    RealWear’s rugged, voice-operated solutions have earned global recognition for revolutionizing the way frontline workers perform all tasks in challenging environments, while returning a positive impact to the company and our environment. RealWear’s commitment to innovation and safety has earned the companyit more than 22 prestigious innovation awards, including Best Head-Wworn Ddevice (Augmented World Expo) and Best Solution for Manufacturing and Automotive (XR Today). RealWear’s story has been featured in Wall Street Journal, CNBC, TechCrunch, and hundreds of other media outlets. 

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    For more information about the Augmented Enterprise Summit and to register for the event, please visit https://augmentedenterprisesummit.com/ 

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