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Powering On the HMT-1

Get Started

Turn on the Device

First, ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged.

  • Red – battery is extremely low
  • Yellow – battery is less than 100%
  • Green – battery is full

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Start Up Sequence

When the power button is pressed for about 3-5 seconds, the device will begin the startup sequence and a unique startup sound will be audible.

HMT-1 Startup Sound
HMT-1 Start Screen

Once the device begins to startup you will see an animated RealWear logo visible on the screen, inside the display pod.

See the Screen

As the HMT-1 is starting up, orient the display so that all 4 corners of the display are clearly visible.

Start Set Up

When the HMT-1 starts up for the first time, the experience will automatically open a configuration app that allows you to configure your device with a QR code. You can generate Configuration QR Codes using the RealWear Companion app on a mobile device:

  • Language
  • Date / Time
  • Wireless Network

Rotate camera to adjust camera view.

Now You’re Ready to Setup the HMT-1

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