Configuring the HMT-1

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Use a mobile app to streamline the HMT-1 setup process and quickly configure your device.

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RealWear Companion:

First Time Setup

Use the app to configure important device settings.


  1. Select Configuration, First Time Setup
  2. Set Language
  3. Set Date & Time
  4. Wireless Network Setup
  5. Generate a QR Code
  6. Scan Code to Input Settings

Scan Code to Setup Device

Use the HMT-1 and Configuration app to scan the QR code. Hold the code up so that it is visible through the camera and when recognized the device configuration settings will be applied.

When the QR Code is scanned successfully the HMT-1 will exit the configuration app.


Alternatively, you can configure your device through HMT-1 Settings:

HMT-1 Settings

You can access Settings from My Programs. Go to My Programs and say ‘SETTINGS’.

Starting Using Voice Commands

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