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oculavis is redefining the way humans, machines and processes are interacting. With the multi-award-winning software solution oculavis SHARE the digital transformation of cross-locational processes in maintenance, customer service or quality tasks becomes reality. Industrial-grade augmented reality technology, remote support and workflows for standard work are united in one innovative platform. The core value of the solution lies in the efficient implementation of processes that globally connect people, knowledge, and machinery & equipment. oculavis SHARE enables fast service, increased machine availability, reduced travel costs and empowers machine builders to establish innovative digital business models in service.

RealWear Ready Partner: oculavis GmbH

Augmented Reality and remote support empower technicians to boost profitability and efficiency of PV systems

Pave the way for more resilient processes with remote collaborations

Providing technical expertise regardless of time or location

Saving costs and improving machine related processes

Establishing new digital business models

Providing technical expertise regardless of time or location

oculavis SHARE enables users access valuable knowledge, technical documentation, step-by-step instructions for recurring tasks, 3D visualization of parts and components or obtain expert support remotely through a device agnostic interface, with immersive AR technology.

Saving costs and improving machine related processes

Highly skilled workforce can engage in more productive tasks instead of spending time on travels around the world. Enable faster response times and create a unique customer experience.

Establishing new digital business models

oculavis SHARE can completely be white labelled. This option is interesting for companies that want to reach their customers with an application that shows their corporate design and allows them to become the full-service provider of their own AR solution.

Added value and benefits

Toughest conditions for frontline workers – augmented reality & remote assist in the cement industry

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