Top 4 Things You Need To Know About This Head-Mounted ATEX Zone 1 Tablet

Our Largest Software and Firmware Upgrade Arrives for the Intrinsically Safe HMT-1Z1

HMT Release 10.1.0 Firmware Upgrade for HMT-1Z1 Makes Our Voice-Operated ATEX Zone 1 Tablet Even Better

When we announced a major firmware update to our flagship voice-operated tablet a few weeks ago, we were just getting started. With HMT Release 10, it was our goal to empower workers around the world while improving their safety. But enhancing HMT-1. was just the first step towards this goal.

Now, we’re ready to take the next step. HMT Release 10.1.0 for HMT-1Z1™ is here! HMT-1Z1 is our voice-operated ATEX Zone 1 tablet that’s also certified for ECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1.

When we announced the world’s first hands-free intrinsically-safe computer, we knew we were onto something big. Thousands of companies in industries as diverse as Oil & Gas, Food Production, and Pharmaceuticals operate facilities that are classified as ATEX Zone 1. In these environments, any spark would be catastrophic.

For the first time ever, the HMT-1Z1 weareable computer gave workers in these environments a chance to free their hands. Prior to HMT-1Z1, these workers used either intrinsically safe smartphones or pen and paper. But these options could be risky, primarily because they can dramatically reduce workers’ situational awareness.

When workers start using a smartphone or a binder, that means they stop looking at their work. For an example of how risky this is, look no further than distracted driver laws. If it’s dangerous to use a smartphone on the road, think of how much more dangerous it is in an oil refinery.

HMT-1Z1 eliminates these challenges. With a few simple voice commands, now workers can navigate technical manuals and conduct live video calls hands-free. And HMT Release 10.1.0 for HMT-1Z1 makes this voice-operated ATEX Zone 1 tablet even better.

Here are the top things you need to know about HMT-1Z1 and the enhancements from HMT Release 10.1.0:

1. Though Often Overlooked, This Is One Of The Best Ways To Improve Your Workers’ Safety

Every industrial facility everywhere in the world emphasizes proper PPE and lockout tag-out procedures, because these have been shown to save lives. But do you know what can make your workplace even safer?

It’s simple. Make your tools more intuitive.

This is what makes HMT-1Z1 so powerful. In addition to being fully compatible with any kind of hard helmet, HMT-1Z1 was built using “Say What You See” technology.

Here’s a short list of what you can accomplish on HMT-1Z1 using only your voice:

Try doing any of these things on an intrinsically safe smartphone, and you’ll need both your hands, which actually makes these devices unsafe. And many of these tasks are impossible with pen and paper.

We’ll come back to SWYS voice control over and over again in this post. It’s at the core of everything we do, and it’s what makes HMT-1Z1 the most intuitive – and therefore the safest – ATEX Zone 1 tablet in the world.

2. A Better Camera System

HMT-1Z1 has had an industrial camera from the beginning. And with HMT Release 10.1.0, we have made this IP66 camera even better.

Once again, SWYS voice control is our guiding principle. HMT Release 10.1.0 offers the following enhancements to the rugged camera system on HMT-1Z1:

  • Hands-free access for greater safety and productivity in ATEX Zone 1 environments
  • Change exposure level and video frame rate with a few simple voice commands
  • Improved performance in low light situations

These new camera features are specifically designed for productivity and performance in extreme environments – also known as ‘just another day at the office’ for those of you who work in ATEX Zone 1.

Now you can do more with your camera, and do it better, with the enhancements to HMT-1Z1 found in HMT Release 10.1.0.

3. Completely Upgraded User Interface

It’s one thing to take your eyes off a task because you need to consult an intrinsically safe smartphone or a paper instruction manual. But it’s even worse if you need to remove your safety gloves to complete a checklist. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Say What You See (SWYS) voice control makes HMT-1Z1 the safest ATEX Zone 1 tablet for industrial workers who work in extreme conditions. HMT Release 10.1.0 improves SWYS voice control for HMT-1Z1, making it easier to do real work:

  • Manage and navigate all your files with a few simple voice commands
  • Light and dark modes for different lighting conditions
  • Cleaner visual design

Safety is non-negotiable. Intuitive tools are inherently safer. And HMT Release 10.1.0 delivers our most intuitive user experience to HMT-1Z1.

4. Security Upgrades With Android 8.1

When you’re working in harsh environments, safety goes hand in hand with security. Safety means wearing PPE every day, following lockout tagout procedures, and keeping your hands free. Security means locking up your equipment and requiring visitors to check-in as soon as they arrive on your job site.

But as much as these things matter in the real world, they matter even more when it comes to your data.

HMT Release 10.1.0 brings the security of Android 8.1 to HMT-1Z1. This important hands-free software update also includes API level 27 support for developers and regular software updates automatically delivered to the device.

What do the security advancements in HMT Release 10.1.0 mean for HMT-1Z1? These upgrades make HMT-1Z1 more secure than any other ATEX Zone 1 tablet on the planet. To see what makes HMT-1Z1 so tough, check out this video we made when we first started shipping these devices in June 2018.

What’s The Point of HMT Release 10.1.0 for HMT-1Z1?

With this update to HMT-1Z1, it’s our goal to have zero friction between your work and the information you need to get the job done fast.

  • You don’t have to think about how to hold an intrinsically safe smartphone while you’re climbing a tower or adjusting your PPE.
  • You don’t have to worry about taking off your gloves to complete a job, when keeping them on at all times is part of your job.

The future of work has no place for intrinsically safe smartphones or big paper binders, both of which reduce situational awareness. Workers in ATEX Zone 1 need their hands free to do their work safely.

They need HMT-1Z1.


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