Augmented Reality are the Training Tools of the Future

Training tools of the future, Predicted by Top Industry Analysts Including Gartner, ABI and others

Top Industry Analysts Including Gartner, IDC and ABI Are Bullish for Training with Augmented Reality

2018 has cemented augmented reality’s place for being the top tool for training purposes, according to a recent article by RBR (login required).

We’ve moved well beyond Pokemon to a hard pivot to enterprise, with companies making serious investments to drive knowledge transfer forward quickly to the next generation of workers (Millennials and Gen Z).

We were excited to see that RealWear was one of the select few who was listed as one of the innovative AR/VR providers.

Training employees on complex processes in manufacturing and assembly is a good use case for augmented reality and virtual reality.

Which Analysts are Bullish on AR for Training?

Gartner – AR for Training

We predict by 2019, AR, VR, and mixed-reality solutions will be evaluated and adopted in 20% of large enterprise businesses,” stated Brian Blau, a vice president of research at Gartner Inc.

Another Gartner analyst, Martin Resnick, noted that augmented reality and virtual reality are particularly interesting for training purposes.

International Data Corp (IDC) – Huge investment

International Data Corp. forecasts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 71.6% from last year to 2022, with spending on AR and VR reaching $27 billion this year.

ABI Research – AR is Taking Root and Demand Will Grow

There will be 32.7 million total smart-glasses shipments in 2022, growing from 225,000 in 2017. During this timeframe, binocular devices will overtake monocular devices in market share.

“The past few years have allowed augmented reality to take root in the enterprise with compelling and unique use cases, including remote expertise and hands-free instruction,” said Eric Abbruzzese, a principal analyst at ABI Research. “As the market matures, there will be a need for greater capability in these AR devices, with displays powering much of the change.”

“Given the growing consumer market interest, the similarities and differences between display types in AR will be increasingly important,” he said.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs predicts AR and VR will grow into a $95 billion market by 2025.

Who is Using AR or VR for Training Today?

Those listed in the article include Epsilon, Volkswagen, Raymond Forklift and U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

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