Supported Enterprise Mobility Management Providers

With the added support of Android Enterprise standards implemented in HMT Release 11, you can now easily enroll your device with most EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) systems.

In most cases enrollment is simple:

  1. Generate a QR code from your EMM system
  2. Launch the Configure app on your HMT
  3. Scan the QR code and follow the prompts

For specific instructions or more detailed information please contact your EMM admin or provider, or review the enrollment guides below.

RealWear has tested and worked with many of the most common EMM providers; the following are certified by RealWear to work with the HMT:

Enrollment Guides

Devices can be enrolled in one of two styles of management – Android Enterprise or Device Admin. RealWear recommends full Android Enterprise based management as it allows for finer control and enables more enterprise features for the administrator(s) and user(s), but we also support Device Admin based management if that’s what your enterprise environment requires.

To use either management style the HMT devices to be managed must be running at least Release 10.5.x (Device Admin only), and it is recommended to be running at least Release 11.0.x. (Android Enterprise or Device Admin). For more information on Release 11.0.x, please visit the Release 11 Support Page.

SOTI MobiControl

Device Admin Guide (requires Release 10.5.x)

Android Enterprise Guide (requires Release 11.0.x)


VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch)

Device Admin Guide (requires Release 10.5.x)

Android Enterprise Guide (requires Release 11.0.x)


Other Enrollment Guides

The adoption of Android Enterprise Standards means that other EMM providers are also supported to a lesser extent – at this time in Device Admin mode only. As support for these providers expands we will make additional guides available. Device Admin based management requires the HMT to be running at least Release 10.5.x.