Forbes: The State of the ARt at AWE

CEO AndyLowery of RealWear did a dramatic reveal of co-founder Sanjay Jhawar, RealWear’s Chief Product Officer and President/Cofounder), wearing the new ruggedized Real Wear HMT-1Z1 in a hazmat suit from the Main Stage.

Forbes writer Charlie Fink wrote an excellent round-up of all the notable stuff happening at AR and shared his views.

[epq-quote align=”align-center”]RealWear, which also makes monocular microdisplays for the enterprise, made a stir when they introduced themselves on the main stage with someone wearing the rugged Real Wear [wait for it] in a hazmat suit. CEO Andy Lowery told me its “optimized for dangerous places.” Honeywell co-branded RealWear headsets will be in the market later this year.[/epq-quote]

Full story here.

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