Digital Trends: Can this explosion-proof AR headset change how industries do business?

“RealWear is useful technology that can help workers access digital data without using their hands, stream video back to another team member, or receive guidance during training periods.” -Digital Trends

RealWear Helps Workers Access Digital data Without Using their Hands

Digital Trends just published a feature story on RealWear that gives a nice overview of RealWear, the HMT-1Z1 and why having the right wearable computer for your business matters.

Safety is a big deal in the industrial world. The headset is completely free from any sparks or micro-sparks that could result in disaster for certain hazardous environments, such as places with flammable gases, for example. Companies can begin to do away with those bulky, ruggedized tablets they’ve been carrying around factories and move to the HMT-1Z1.

Full story here.

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