PODCAST: RealWear and Honeywell on Safety Using Hands-Free Technology

How to Increase Safety Metrics and Efficiency Metrics at the Same time (Podcast)

This new podcast recording features RealWear Co-founder Sanjay Jhawar and Youssef Mestari, Global Strategic Marketing Director Honeywell.

Our good friend Mark LaCour (who runs the third largest podcast for oil and gas in the world!) conducted the interview, which was recorded last month at OTC in Houston during our announcement of our partnership with Honeywell.

The interview covered a wide range of topics of how technology intersects with HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) in oil and gas – but is clearly applicable to any hazardous environment.

“So the particular thing we focused on, is making it 100% hands free” says Sanjay Jhawar, Co-founder & President, RealWear. “Just like you want to be handsfree when you drive your truck and not be texting, you want to be hands free when you’re operating powerful equipment and as we know, one slip can be potentially fatal. So we are very much focused on zero hands and the key to that is voice recognition”

Honeywell says they’re going to increase efficiency and productivity metrics and at the same time increase safety metrics.

Listen here:

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