THOMAS INSIGHTS: RealWear is the Next Big Thing

Augmented Reality:
The Next Big Thing

HMT-1 is the Next Big Thing for Colgate-Palmolive

Thomas Insights reports on Colgate-Palmolive deployment and trends in augmented reality and wearable computing.  The publication highlights our recent announcement.  RealWear share insights with Thomas members that we are a knowledge transfer platform.  We discuss how RealWear can improve the current “manufacturing paradigm including:

  • “Faster training via knowledge transfer — Learning how to use equipment correctly and quickly. Millennials are the YouTube generation. They learn everything by watching how-to videos. They expect information instantly and are used to voice interfaces such as Alexa and Siri. Wearables are second nature to them. They resist learning with fat binders or technical manuals.”
  • “Safety inspections — Preventative and predictive maintenance of equipment minimizes troubleshooting. Using connected equipment more safely or scanning and enabling digital workflow and IoT visualization.”
  • “Customer service — Allowing customer to speak virtually to service reps, such as automotive showrooms using remote mentor solutions.”

“By enhancing the efficiency of every worker and focusing on safety, the opportunities are limitless. Suddenly you can see real-time data visualization to create predictive maintenance, talk in real-time with experts from around the world, and control a full Android tablet without using your hands.”  -REALWEAR

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