1. Who Will Benefit Most from HMT-1?

    HMT-1 is designed for anyone who needs hands-free computing. Using voice-control, hands-free computing can now enable the worker to be more efficient, safe and cost-effective.

  2. Can I Run My Existing Android App on HMT-1?

    Yes. HMT-1 is a standard Android 6.0 compliant device. Speech technologies are automatically added to your existing application, enabling them to be used in a hands-free environment.

  3. How Should I Properly Wear HMT-1?

    1. Position display pod for use with dominant eye. To determine your dominant eye, target a distant object through a small opening formed using your two hands. The eye you most naturally use is dominant.
    2. Rotate the Boom Arm. The boom arm can be adjusted with six degrees of freedom. This means that you can rotate the boom arm using the shoulder and elbow joints to adjust display position as well as for left or right usage and storage.
    3. Adjust the Overhead Strap. Adjust the overhead strap such that HMT-1 rests horizontally, slightly above the tops of your ears.
    4. Position the Display Pod below your line of sight. Position the display pod just below your line of sight, about an inch from your eye. Using the display should be like looking at the dashboard of a car.
  4. How Do I Connect HMT-1 to Wi-Fi?

    HMT-1 supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. There are a number of ways to connect and configure HMT-1.

    Method 1 (recommended) – Configure.realwear.com

    1. On a desktop computer, go to configure.realwear.com and select ‘Configure your HMT-1’
    2. Select your language and click ‘Continue’
    3. Select your time zone and click ‘Continue’
    4. In the ‘Access Point’ field, enter the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect. (Case Sensitive)
    5. In the ‘Password’ field, enter the Wi-Fi password for that network
    6. If your network requires entry of a Username, click ‘Show Advanced Options’ and enter your Username in the ‘User’ field
    7. Click ‘Create Configuration QR Code’
    8. On your HMT-1, say ‘My Programs’, then ‘Configure’ to launch the QR Code scanner.
    9. Look at the generated QR code to complete the configuration and connect your HMT-1 to the Wi-Fi network. You will hear a tone when the QR code is successfully scanned.

    Method 2 – RWExplorer

    1. Connect your HMT-1 to your computer using a Micro USB cable and launch
      You can download RWExplorer here:
      PC: RWexplorer_installer.exe
      MAC: RWexplorer.dmg
      NOTE: If you have any trouble connecting your HMT-1 to RWExplorer, see the
      RWExplorer User Guide here: HMT-1.1-RWExplorer-User-Guide.pdf
    2. Once connected, click ‘My Programs’, then ‘Control Panel’
    3. Select the desired network from the list of available networks.
    4. Enter the network password.

    Method 3 – Use your voice

    1. Say ‘My Controls’ to launch the control panel
    2. Say ‘Set Wi-Fi’ to open a list of available networks
    3. Say the name of the desired network to select it from the list of available networks.
    4. Say ‘Password’ to bring up the speech menu, and speak the military code for the corresponding characters of your password to enter.

    Method 4 – Companion App

    Download the RealWear Companion app on the App Store or Google Play. Follow the instructions to configure your HMT-1 and get connected to your WiFi network.
  5. How Do I Attach HMT-1 to a Hardhat?

    We have clips for attachment with specific hardhat types available. Please contact support to request clips and additional information.

  6. How Do I Connect HMT-1 to RWExplorer?

    HMT-1 can be connected to RWExplorer via Micro-USB cable (Not Included). Connect to the Micro USB port located beside the battery compartment beneath the rear flap on the side opposite of the display pod/boom arm. With the device connected, you can easily side- load applications, customize WearML and mirror the HMT-1 display pod onto your desktop for multiple viewers.

    If you are having an issue connecting to RWExplorer, make sure that the Micro USB cable you are using can handle data transfer and is not ‘Power Only’.

    If RWExplorer is still ‘Waiting for Headset to Connect…’, you may need to install the ADB Driver. To do so, follow these steps:
    1. On you desktop computer go to http://www.adbdriver.com/downloads
    2. Select and download the ‘Automated Installation (Universal)’ option
    3. Connect HMT-1 to your computer with a Micro USB cable
    4. Run the installer and follow the steps to complete the installation
    5. Launch RWExplorer
  7. How Do I Best Adjust HMT-1 Display?

    Make sure that you are using your dominant eye and that HMT-1 is adjusted properly. See the Quick Start Guide included with your HMT-1 for more information.

  8. Can I Save My Photos/Videos to An SD Card?

    Support for the SD Card will be available via an imminent Firmware update. Currently, All Photos and Videos will be saved to internal flash memory.

  9. How Do I Use The Manual Focus Feature in The "My Camera" App?

    To use the Manual Focus feature, follow these steps:
    1. In the ‘My Camera’ app, say ‘Manual Focus’
    2. A purple indicator should appear in center of screen for 2 seconds.
    3. Make sure that whatever you want to lock focus onto is at center of view for this 2 seconds
    4. The camera will use its auto-focus to focus on the center of the view
    5. After 2 seconds the auto focus will be turned off, leaving the focus fixed

    Note: If you want to change the focus again, simply say ‘manual focus’ to allow above procedure to repeat.

    Say ‘Auto Focus’ to switch back to auto mode.

  10. How Do I Add/Delete Files on My HMT-1?

    To add or delete files, you must connect your device to PC or Mac using a Micro-USB cable. A disk icon will appear representing HMT-1. You can navigate the files and folders of HMT-1 by clicking on the HMT-1 icon. Drag files onto HMT-1 to add them, and drag files from HMT-1 to the trash can to delete them.

  11. How Do I Uninstall Apps on My HMT-1

    HMT-1 supports the standard ADB protocol via the Micro-USB cable. Apps can be installed using the ADB install command and removed using the ADB uninstall command. .apk files can also be installed by drag-and-dropping into the RWExplorer application.

  12. How Do I Customize Voice Commands For My HMT-1?

    See the Introduction to Software Development and WearHF User Guide documents

  13. How Do I Adjust The Brightness Of My Display?

    1. Say ‘My Controls’
    2. Say ‘Select Brightness 1-5’ where ‘1’ is the darkest and ‘5’ is the brightest setting
  14. What Are The Display Specs Of HMT-1?

    HMT-1 has a 854×480 micro-display (opaque) with 20 degree FOV. LCOS panel with backlight and lens optic. Brightness 450 cd/m2.

  15. How Do I Screen Cast HMT-1 to an External Screen/Monitor?

    For instructions on the recommended screen casting approach, see this instruction.

  16. What Are The Memory Specs Of The HMT-1?

    HMT-1 has 2 GB Ram / 16 GB onboard flash

  17. What Languages Does HMT-1 Support?

    HMT-1 currently supports English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Korean languages.

  18. How Do I Pair Bluetooth to HMT-1?

    HMT-1 allows access to standard Android settings. Bluetooth devices can be paired using standard Android methodologies.

  19. What Operating System Does HMT-1 Run?

    HMT-1 runs Android 6.0. It is specially modified to automatically hands-free enable new and existing Android applications. Learn more here: https://www.realwear.com/user-guides

  20. How Does HMT-1 Receive Updates?

    HMT-1 supports Firmware over-the-air updates which will be pushed out periodically. These can be downloaded and installed on HMT-1 via the ‘Wireless Update’ app.

  21. What is The Battery Life Of HMT-1?

    HMT-1 has a large capacity removable, rechargeable battery that is designed to last for the duration of an 8-hour work shift through varied use.

  22. How Rugged Is HMT-1?

    The HMT-1 has the following certifications:
    • IP-66 certified (dust proof and water proof)
    • 2 meter drop test onto concrete certified
    • MIL-SPEC 810G
  23. Is HMT-1 Intrinsically Safe?

    HMT-1 is not intrinsically safe, though the intrinsically safe model, HMT-1Z1 will be available in the future and will be FMC1/D1 & ATEX Zone 1 certified for potentially explosive environments.

  24. How Does HMT-1 Enable Hands Free Work?

    HMT-1 provides a hands-free, voice-activated UI to control new and existing Android applications. The speech recognition is designed to work in the harshest of industrial environments.

  25. Does HMT-1 Have A Flashlight?

    Yes. From the home screen, say ‘My Controls’ to launch the Control Panel, then say ‘Flashlight on’ to power on the forward facing flashlight. Say ‘Flashlight off’ to turn off the flashlight.

  26. Can I Wear HMT-1 with Safety Glasses?

    Yes, HMT-1 is fully compatible with the wearing of safety glasses.

  27. Does HMT-1 Have GPS Capability?

    Yes, HMT-1 has assisted GPS. In addition, it has gyroscopes and digital compass that can be combined with other technologies for internal location. It can also work with Bluetooth beacons.

  28. Does HMT-1 Work In Portrait Mode As Well As Landscape Mode?

    No, HMT-1 is constrained to landscape mode.

  29. Can I Use Headphones With HMT-1?

    Yes. There is an audio jack located beneath the rear flap of HMT-1.

  30. What Does The Action Button Do On HMT-1?

    The Action Button is a software-controlled button that, by default, will take the user to the ‘Home’ screen when pressed.

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