Device Protection & Support for Industrial Hands Free Wearables

Device Protection & Support for Industrial Hands Free Wearables

RealWear Assure offers two new options for protecting and optimizing your new device investment – Essentials and Premier.

What’s included


For customers who want to extend the basics

Basic Support

24/5 Phone, email, chat, 24-hour response

Standard Replacement

Device must be returned for RMA service


For customers who want enhanced support,
protection & optimized experience

Enhanced Support

24/7 Phone, email, chat, 4-hour response

Advance Replacement

Replacement sent before returning device

Training Access

RealWear Getting Started Workshop
RealWear Remote Collaboration Workshop

RealWear Cloud

For IT Admins – RealWear Cloud Explorer, Device Metrics & Foresight Set Up


New RealWear Navigator™ 500 purchases come with a one-year device warranty and access to basic support including phone, email, and chat during business hours with a guaranteed response time under 24 hours. If your device needs to be replaced, it will be replaced using our standard return (RMA) process. In addition, access to Foresight Cloud allows for centralized device provisioning, app management, and device setting controls.

Essentials extends the one-year warranty and service offering to two or three years of coverage. It is an economical option to ensure the device remains under warranty with access to support, device, and app management tools.



With Premier you can enjoy peace of mind of knowing that your RealWear investment is protected by securing access to upgraded support, fast device replacement, device usage analytics and enhanced training from the RealWear experts.


  • Support—24/7 access to phone, email, and chat with a guaranteed response time of 4 hours.
  • Advance device replacement—upon determining a device needs replacement, a unit is sent out before your device is received and processed through the standard return (RMA) process, reducing downtime.
  • Frontline Worker Training Access—provides your frontline with access to training courses to ensure everyone is trained and ready to maximize use of their RealWear device.
    • RealWear Getting Started Workshop—Learn how to use the device and steps to get started. This course covers: hardware overview, fitting and wearing, global commands, photos/videos/files, and getting connected. Available on-demand as a recorded training resource with a runtime of approximately one hour.
    • RealWear Remote Collaboration Workshop—Hands-on product & application training for deployments. Users will learn the basics to get started, followed by full use application training (Teams, Zoom, Cisco). Available as an online session with up to 15 participants with a runtime of approximately two hours.
  • RealWear Explorer Cloud*—Allows frontline workers to get remote technical support directly from their IT helpdesk with a simple and secure method for IT Admins to access devices via a remote desktop connection with audio, video and display available to control.
  • Device Metrics—Easily analyze device utilization and see uptime and downtime patterns.
  • Foresight Set Up—Virtual meeting with a RealWear expert for guided onboarding and introduction to the Foresight platform and assistance with provisioning.

*RealWear Explorer Cloud will be available January 2022 and additional features will continue to evolve.

SKU Description Price
None Essentials—1 Year Plan—Included $ Included
SP-ESSENTIAL2 Essentials—2 Year Plan $100
SP-ESSENTIAL3 Essentials—3 Year Plan $200
SP-PREMIER1 Premier—1 Year Plan $300
SP-PREMIER2 Premier—2 Year Plan $600
SP-PREMIER3 Premier—3 Year Plan $900

How to Purchase

RealWear Assure can be added to any new RealWear device purchase. At time of purchase, you may select your level of desired support beyond the included one year of Essentials, choosing any of the Essentials or Premier offerings. Plans can be added or upgraded within 90 days of purchase.

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