Hands-free Solutions for Healthcare

Empower Frontline Medical Workers with Hands-Free, Voice-enabled Collaboration

A doctor visit is at the heart of healthcare. Hospitals that extend full technology capabilities to their team keep patients–and themselves– safer and more effective. The average time a physician spends with a patient in the U.S. is 17.4 minutes. Telemedicine allows you to see 4 extra patients by giving you more time and more focus.

Medical Telepresence



Local clinical proctors are not always available when a situation requires them. Healthcare system costs can rise due to staffing or travel of proctors, which can also result in a delay in care.

Nuestra solución

RealWear’s teleproctoring solution allows real time, and asynchronous, recording from the provider’s perspective to allow first-hand observation. This reduces the need for proctors to be on-site at all times and also lowers the delay in care for the patient.



The state of medicine and healthcare is evolving at an exponential pace, making knowledge acquisition a serious challenge. Healthcare providers require information using a multitude of communication methods, as well as from peer expertise.

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With an asynchronous, or “store and forward,” recording capability, new surgical techniques and procedures can be disseminated quickly. RealWear’s real-time streaming can also assist providers during patient rounds with off-site specialists, aiding in more accurate and timely care to the patient.

Thermal Imaging


It takes up to 3 minutes and body contact for traditional temperature taking techniques.  This may risk injuries or infection spread to the patient or practitioner, especially crowded environments.

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Our hands-free infrared thermography helps screen for elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever, all without requiring the use of the hands.  The screener can remain mobile and protected to avoid infected parties entering clean zones by using just his voice.

Beneficios de alto impacto

  • Instale prácticamente cualquier aplicación de Android
  • Gran ecosistema de aplicaciones de mentores remotos
  • Impulsar el cumplimiento y la calidad de los procesos
  • IP66 clasificado / a prueba de caídas / a prueba de polvo
  • Explosion Proof (intrinsically safe model only)​
  • 8-10 hours duración de la batería (intercambiable en caliente solo para HMT-1)
  • Menor tiempo para acceder a la información
  • Use las manos libres con guantes
  • Solución alternativa a las restricciones de viaje
  • Mantener la conciencia de la situación
  • Bring knowledge to operator at the exact moment of need

Realwear Telemedical Solution

When every step in a procedure could make a difference between life or death, this telemedical solution running on our RealWear device can give an additional set of eyes on the patient, as well as two way communication and video/photo capture for the most risky of procedures.

HMT-1 for EMTs

Pre-hospital care covers any immediate need, oftentimes outside the scope of knowledge of that paramedic.  RealWear device allows the paramedic or first responder either workflow instructions or a live-support from the hospital to assist in the pre-hospital care.

Elevator Safety and Maintenance by RealWear

A first responder solution use case video demo with Sam Woo developed by RealWear China.

Accesorios RealWear específicos de la solución

Featured Solutions

AMA XpertEye

AMA XpertEye for RealWear offers hands-free frontline remote collaboration with GDPR and HIPAA compliance.


A compelling account of the HMT-1 being used by medical professionals on the ground in China to provide quick treatment in real-time.

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