Hands-free Connected Solutions for Automotive

Scale Your Automotive Workforce Across the Entire Value Chain

Global automakers and Tier 1 suppliers enhance and empower their workforce to stay competitive, drive customer and workforce engagement and satisfaction by leveraging RealWear’s assisted reality. We offer several turnkey solutions, including for electric vehicles and aftermarket services, for all of your ROI needs.

Automotive Telepresence



Geographically dispersed field technicians need support from product quality engineers (PQEs) to stay current with the latest maintenance and repair procedures.

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Technicians improve efficiency and accuracy by using the voice-controlled RealWear devices with remote mentor solutions to: connect hands-free with PQEs, capture images and videos, playback training videos, refer to manuals, and more.



Unplanned production stoppages increase maintenance costs dramatically. To mitigate unexpected failures and resume production, on-site technicians need assistance immediately. However, experts may be located at another plant in another city.

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Through a two-way video call on RealWear devices, experts can telestrate remotely to pin-point the issue – even in high-noise environments.

Dealer Services


Car repairs are at times complex, requiring additional support from experts. Technicians must engage customers throughout the process in order to maintain a high standard of service.

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With remote collaboration, service technicians can receive specialized knowledge from an expert and bring the customer into the process with shared or live video conferencing.

Beneficios de alto impacto

  • Seguridad, protección y estabilidad
  • Reducción de errores
  • Ventaja competitiva
  • Workaround travel restrictions ​
  • Both hands free to work and maintain situational awareness ​
  •  IP66 rated/drop proof/dust proof
  •  Explosion proof (intrinsically safe model only)
  • 8-10 hour battery life (not swappable for HMT-1 only)​
  • Install virtually any Android application for hands-free controls ​
  • Gran ecosistema de aplicaciones de mentores remotos

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Deployed Nationwide

Technicians regularly need to connect directly with experts. With RealWear, watch how an expert can support the field technician through the diagnosis and repair by augmenting images, wiring diagrams, and adding repair suggestions into their view.

Customer Speak: Nagarro interviews ÖBB-Postbus on using automated processes with Assisted Reality

Analogue inspection and intake of new vehicles into a company’s fleet is time consuming and prone to error. Watch how our hands-free voice-controlled RealWear device can help inspect the  delivered vehicles, hassle-free.

RealWear HMT-1 Noise Capture Demo

Noise capture disables the noise cancellation of primary microphones and allows device to record ambient sounds. Watch how this feature is especially helpful to diagnose or inspect machinery based off sound.

Accesorios RealWear específicos de la solución

Historias de éxito

Con siete fábricas en todo el mundo, Hirschmann Automotive necesitaba un enfoque de transferencia de conocimientos más rentable y eficiente en el tiempo para el mantenimiento y reparación de equipos que los expertos en vuelo de todo el mundo. Deploying RealWear running Cisco Webex Expert on Demand allowed to streamline collaboration and reduce equipment downtime.

Increasingly advanced vehicles require service technicians to collaborate with expert engineers, which lengthens maintenance times.Volkswagen Group UK enabled technicians in 67 van centers and 30 authorised repairers to connect directly to experts in the technical support center to reduce service times.

BMW needed a more efficient way to connect local technicians to expert help to get vehicles serviced and back to drivers as quickly as possible. RealWear running TeamViewer at 347 BMW centers and selected MINI dealers helped reduce vehicle maintenance times.


RealWear lanza sus wearables empresariales en las fábricas de Groupe PSA

By digitally connecting maintenance teams across factories in 10 countries, the French automobile manufacturer solves tough issues in real-time.

RealWear HMT-1 Driving the Future for Major Automotive Brands

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and BMW North America have all improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity with RealWear.

Volkswagen Says HMT-1 Solution Creating Trust and Transparency with Automotive Customers

Master technicians no longer need to travel, conduct personal visits or rely on standard telediagnosis machinery with limited abilities to look under the hood.

RealWear y Atheer salen al mercado para ofrecer una solución de mentoría remota

It could cost you up to  $22,000 per minute for stopped production.

Volvo Truck uses hands-free remote Assistance for Automotive Repair & Maintenance

Using Librestream Onsight Connect on the HMT-1, PQEs can now assist new and existing technicians from any location.

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