RealWear Receives Industry Support for Intrinsically Safe RealWear Navigator® Z1

RealWear Receives Industry Support for Intrinsically Safe RealWear Navigator® Z1



The following public statements have been made in support of the official launch of RealWear Navigator Z1 for intrinsically safe hands-free computing in highly restricted zones by new and long-time partners.  All apps are found on the RealWear App Marketplace


“We’re thrilled that RealWear is utilizing the Qualcomm 6490 platform in the RealWear Navigator Z1 that will help frontline workers in extremely hazardous zones where rugged equipment and safety is essential.  The Qualcomm 6490 is a perfect fit for RealWear’s next generation headsets as it enables powerful connections, reduced latency, an advanced ISP, and advanced Edge-AI compute to deliver astonishing performance at lower power.” 

- Jeff Henckels, Director of XR product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc 


“We are pleased to continue our partnership with RealWear by taking the power of our AR-based workflow platform, TeamViewer Frontline, to their latest enterprise-grade wearable computing device, RealWear Navigator Z1. Our partnerships with industry innovators like RealWear enable us to deliver best-in-class AR solutions to our mutual customers that provide frontline workers with easy to use, hands-free capabilities and instructions for complex processes so they can perform their jobs faster and more efficiently.”  

- Alfredo Patron, Executive Vice President Business Development, TeamViewer 


Our collaboration with RealWear continues to deepen with the launch of RealWear Navigator Z1.  RealWear’s device with Zoom’s all-in-one intelligent collaboration platform redefines remote collaboration and ‘see what I see’ for frontline workers. The power of hands-free communication, combined with our high-quality video and audio capabilities easily enables virtual meetings, knowledge sharing, and knowledge transfer sessions that improve overall equipment uptime. Together, Zoom and RealWear empower frontline teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate effortlessly.”   

– Randy Maestre, Head of Industry Marketing, Zoom 


“RealWear’s Navigator Z1 device, in concert with Ericsson’s advanced cellular network technologies, opens new horizons for mining and oil and gas frontline workers – even in remote and hazardous environments where electronic devices are highly restricted. The combination of hands-free communication and Ericsson’s robust and secure private 5G network connectivity enables real-time collaboration, remote assistance, and access to critical information in the field. Together, Ericsson and RealWear are driving digitalization, improving efficiency, and transforming the way frontline teams operate.”    

- Thomas Noren, Head of PCN Commercial and Operations at Ericsson 

 [Additional background for media as provided by Ericsson: “Built on Ericsson’s industry-leading 4G and 5G radio and dual mode core technology, Ericsson Private 5G unlocks a wide variety of innovative use cases for both indoor and outdoor environments while easily integrating with business operations, devices and applications ensuring next level efficiencies of productivity, cost, and energy use. Ericsson Private 5G is Ericsson’s next generation private network product providing secure and reliable 4G and 5G connectivity through its single server dual mode core. Built for business operations, the product comes pre-integrated to ensure rapid time to service, delivering advanced and intelligent operations in any environment, all while keeping sensitive data secured on site. Ericsson Private 5G is able to support and adapt to a variety of use cases, industries, and levels of complexity for enterprises.” 


“RealWear Navigator® Z1 is a sturdy, safe, and powerful smart wearable designed for frontline workers. The headset’s built-in chipset transforms it into an AI-powered tool that assists frontline workers daily operation, ensuring accurate execution on the first attempt under the guarding of AI detection.”

– Kevin Su, General Manager, ADAT technology


“We are thrilled to collaborate with RealWear on the launch of RealWear Navigator Z1, specifically designed for frontline workers in hazardous environments. With its sleek design and advanced features catered to enhance safety, communication, and efficiency, this intrinsically safe device will undoubtedly revolutionize how frontline workers carry out their missions. Together with RealWear, we are committed to enhancing the lives of our customers with assisted reality-enabled collaboration tools and driving the future of smart eyewear technology.”  

- Christian Guillemot, CEO of AMA 


“Mining is one of the most challenging work environments to innovate for, and the launch of RealWear Navigator Z1, powered by HINDSITE, stands up to this challenge with flying colours. The slim and lightweight design of RealWear Navigator Z1 makes it ideal for underground operation, while its robustness and forthcoming mining certifications will make it the perfect solution for our mining customers looking to create guided, hands-free work instructions for their technicians and operators.  Congratulations to RealWear for delivering again.”  

Doug Hastings, CEO, HINDSITE Industries

“The largest energy producers in the world already rely on HUVR’s reliability automation platform to aggregate, automate, and analyze their field inspection data.  Now, with the integration of RealWear’s new intrinsically safe headset [RealWear Navigator Z1] and HUVR’s InspectFlow+ mobile app, we have enabled truly hands-free inspection workflows in the most dangerous of environments, and we are making asset integrity teams safer and more efficient than ever.” 

- Chris Haines, VP Strategy, HUVRdata  


“We are hugely proud of our strong partnerships that enable us to deliver innovative workflow solutions tailored to our customers’ unique needs. As RealWear’s longest standing partner we are extremely pleased to be able to offer this new development to our customers. RealWear and Intoware’s partnership brings hands-free workflow automation into a new era and, with the addition of this latest wearable device, we are poised to transform operations at a number of leading businesses that operate in hazardous environments such as the Oil and Gas industry. Our robust workflow capabilities, combined with the hands-free experience offered by RealWear Navigator Z1, will empower frontline professionals to access critical information, streamline processes, and make data-driven decisions in real time. Working together, our technology will improve operations in the oil and gas sector, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, safety, and success.”  

– Keith Tilley, CEO of Intoware 


“We welcome the product announcement of the next generation intrinsically safe wearable solution, RealWear Navigator® Z1.  We look forward to a solution that is more powerful with AI Core and lighter to meet the demanding needs of field workers.  By combining the know-how of field use and AI models/XR development that we have already cultivated, with RealWear Navigator Z1 we will be able to continue to expand on these new use cases with a hands-free wearable experience. 

– Daisuke Takemura, CDO, NSW Inc. 


“Providing field service workers with the safest hands-free experience in highly restricted zones is game changing. Conducting critical work in challenging environments is where the combination of RealWear and OverIT can empower field workers the most, and the new features of RealWear Navigator Z1, including the new capabilities that AI Core will bring, will open up new standards of safety and field collaboration. We’re thrilled to see RealWear take its intrinsically safe solutions to new heights with the launch of RealWear Navigator Z1.” 

– Daniel Goldstein, SVP Product Management, OverIT 


RealWear’s release of RealWear Navigator Z1 represents new and continued enhancements to the abilities of frontline workers to stay connected without sacrificing their safety when working in hazardous environments. The device’s added AI Core capabilities offer expanded potential for solutions providers like Pexip to bring even more innovative video-first user experiences and workflows to the market. This revolutionary intrinsically safe RealWear device will surely take hands-free frontline collaboration to new levels, and truly aligns with Pexip’s mission to power secure and interoperable video experiences everywhere” 

- Jordan Owens, CTO, Pexip Americas


“RealWear Navigator Z1 is another important milestone for RealWear and our customers. The seamless integration of Vuforia and RealWear allows frontline workers to access real-time data, perform remote inspections, and leverage AR work instructions for enhanced productivity and safety. Together, we empower our customers to make frontline work more efficient.” 

- JJ Lechleiter, General Manager, Vuforia at PTC


“In environments in oil and gas, mining, chemical manufacturing and more, regulatory standards and guidelines often require the use of intrinsically safe electronic equipment to improve worker productivity while enhancing safety. RealWear Navigator Z1 is specially designed and certified to operate in environments where combustible gas may be present. RealWear Navigator Z1 can be used for real-time, hands-free communication with remote experts, colleagues, and supervisors. With the combination of XR and AI technology, experts can share digital annotations, schematics, and work instructions with the technician wearing the solution, helping them troubleshoot issues, perform complex maintenance tasks, and make informed decisions on the spot.”  

– Albert Hsing, Executive Vice President, Sysgration.