RealWear Hands-Free Wearable Solutions on the Rise in the Bakery Industry

RealWear Hands-Free Wearable Solutions on the Rise in the Bakery Industry



September 19 – Dallas, Texas— RealWear, the pioneer of hands-free wearable computers for frontline professionals, has caught the eye of Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA), the international trade association representing leading bakery and food equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The group is hosting several sessions focused on RealWear next week at NEXUS, a new baking industry conference organized by BEMA and the American Bakers Association (ABA). 

“Based on the response so far, RealWear appears to be a rising star in the baking equipment and food manufacturing industry,” said Kerwin Brown, BEMA’s president. “As we continue to share RealWear success stories through these larger forums and deep dives, it will help keep our members competitive.” 

BEMA previously held a panel about the use cases of the RealWear hands-free solution at its annual BEMA Convention this June, where operations and safety leaders at Shick Esteve, US Bakery, General Mills, and Intralox discussed the benefits of RealWear in maintenance, troubleshooting, and training. Intralox demonstrated how RealWear can be used for troubleshooting while Shick Esteve shared a video of live controls factory acceptance test (FAT) to save travel time and inspect equipment or control panels, using the thermal camera module to check for hot spots. 

“We actually used this a couple weeks ago,” said Justus Larson, Senior Director of Operations, US Bakery. “At one of our bakeries we thought we had a problem with the lamination process. I couldn’t get my corporate production manager out there fast enough. With RealWear, it took them fifteen minutes and saved ourselves three days of travel, a lot of money in hotels and airfare, and a better life for the employee.” 

“I wasn’t expecting it to be used for training but due to the ease of use it made sense for that use case, too,” Larson continued. 

“In partnership with BEMA we’re revolutionizing how work gets done in baking manufacturing facilities,” said Dr. Chris Parkinson, cofounder and CEO of RealWear. “Our technology is purpose-built to provide real-time access to critical information, allowing workers to stay informed and connected while navigating high-temperature environments, managing chemical risks, and ensuring proper equipment operation. From minimizing flour dust hazards to factory acceptance testing and ongoing maintenance and repair, RealWear is pleased to partner with all BEMA members to modernize current practices and procedures.” 

The RealWear topic will be covered on Tuesday, September 26th and Wednesday, September 27th during the educational sessions at NEXUS, including a live stream from General Mills via the RealWear headset. 

About RealWear 

RealWear, a global leader in hands-free, wearable computing solutions for frontline workers, was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA. With a vision of creating a world where every frontline worker is equipped to perform at their best, work safely, and take pride in the quality of their work, RealWear is on a mission to empower more than 2 billion frontline workers with the best technology solutions and support. RealWear’s rugged, voice-operated solutions have earned global recognition for revolutionizing the way frontline workers perform all tasks in challenging environments, while returning positive impact to the company and our environment. RealWear’s commitment to innovation and safety has earned it more than 22 prestigious innovation awards, including Best Head-worn device (Augmented World Expo) and Best Solution for Manufacturing and Automotive (XR Today). RealWear’s story has been featured in Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Digital Trends, TechCrunch and hundreds of other media outlets. 

About BEMA 

Founded in 1918, BEMA (Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds), is an international, not-for-profit trade association representing leading bakery and food suppliers. BEMA creates authentic connections that improve its members’ businesses and the industries they serve. Its members utilize the value they gain through BEMA networking and educational events to provide their customers with the most effective, innovative solutions in the baking industry.