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We're calling our new marketing promo The Great Reboot Book Giveaway. We're beginning an essential conversation at the top of the management chain.


The whole world just had a massive 'reboot.'

On that point, we are pleased to announce that RealWear's CEO Andrew Chrostowski has (somehow in his spare time!) contributed a chapter in a new book, "The Great Reboot," The Post-Pandemic Guide for Business Leaders.

The excellent book, co-authored by Bob Zukis, Paul Ferrillo and Chris Veltsos, is dedicated to "those who battled COVID-19 and to the ones who treated, cared for and comforted them."

The book compiles outstanding tools and information to help you guide your businesses through the ever-changing crisis.

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Above a long list of blurbs including one from CNBC, the publisher explains, "The GREAT REBOOT gives Board of Directors and corporate leaders the tools to navigate the digital ocean with sound advice, proven recommendations, and frameworks needed to reach their next destination."

The book outlines how to flatten the competitive curve, discusses the chaotic butterfly, helps you better understand complex digital business systems and more.

RealWear is honored to be featured in the book and to be able to share its story in hopes of inspiring other business leaders around the world. If you're following RealWear, you know that we've certainly not been bystanders. We've been actively partnering with our global customers to help keep their businesses operational through hands-free remote collaboration.

In the free download chapter, Andrew Chrostowski shares the journey of "the systemic changes impacting their business as a result of COVID-19." Andrew tells the RealWear story. (To hear even more from Andrew on these essential topics, listen to his interview on State of Readiness.)

We sincerely thank Bob Zukis for providing RealWear a free download of the excerpt. We encourage you to check out the complimentary book.

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