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A refreshed program for RealWear Developers provides the tools and resources to get started fast.

We caught up with George Sims, Senior Director of Product Management Strategy about the newly launched Developer Program and why it s such an important element in the RealWear ecosystem. Aimed at providing better support materials for software partners to create the best solutions for their devices, the Developer Program is our way of providing developers with the tools and resources needed to create the future of work for frontline professionals.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the program are numerous. Developers can publish apps on the new RealWear App Marketplace, which gets their solution in front of RealWear's global base of customers and resellers. They also become a part of the developer community and can get help and advice from RealWear's Product and Development Evangelist teams. Plus, they'll have early access to the tools they need, such as firmware updates.

"We're pulling together all of the disparate tools that are available into one single place RealWear Cloud," George explained. "Within Cloud, developers can access the Developer Toolkit which houses all the tools they need to be successful when developing for RealWear. This fits in with RealWear s overarching mission to remove friction when it comes to work."

As part of this strategy, we ve introduced Developer Evangelists to provide more support and advice on best practices.

We ve learned a lot about developing for hands-free over the years. With the Developer Program, we can transfer that knowledge so that our partners don t waste cycles going down rabbit holes building solutions that aren t optimized for hands-free because they haven t had that experience. We're always providing an extra part of thought leadership into their development and product teams while working in partnership with them."

Creating a social developer community for hands-free solutions

The ability to socialize solutions more widely and put them on the App Marketplace is another massive benefit of the program.

"Previously, there was no way to do that, so App Marketplace is going to remove friction from the process. The solutions available for RealWear will be far more widely available. The program will enable partners to share feedback and create a developer community. It s that kind of community element that we want to encourage. It s in our best interest to ensure that devices have the best experience. If those experiences are shared and we create community learning where these ideas are accessible to all, that would be great."

Do you need to be on the program to be on the App Marketplace?

When asked if the program ties into the newly released App Marketplace, George said;

If you re looking to get an app onto the App Marketplace, you will need to be a part of the Developer Program. Partners will need to accept the terms and conditions because we need to ensure that they are contractually bound not to distribute malware, or anything else that could be deemed as harmful or considered unsavory through our Marketplace.

So, how do you become a RealWear Developer?

If you want to join the program, head to to find out more. If you re considering developing for RealWear for the first time, there s plenty of documentation available on our Knowledge Base.

People can start developing without joining the program, but those who are enrolled will have more support, they ll be part of the community and have access to that knowledge. They ll also be able to publish their apps to our App Marketplace so that people can see the solution. Previously, there was no way to join those dots, but now there is.

There you have it! RealWear s Developer Program provides software partners with better tools and support to create solutions for RealWear devices. With numerous benefits to the program, there s never been a better time to develop hands-free software solutions.