Microsoft Unleashes Teams GA for Firstline Workers on RealWear HMT-1.

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Utilizing Microsoft Teams on RealWear hands-free headsets, Mars Petcare is remotely training Autonomous Maintenance principles giving the associates the capability to do basic and preventative maintenance activity to keep the equipment running like new.

With RealWear's Release 11.2 Firmware, Teams on HMT-1 General Availability has arrived in a big way, with two key features

We're very excited to share that with the release of Release Firmware 11.2, Microsoft has now officially released Microsoft Teams on Realwear for General Availability (GA) with two big features.

First, Teams GA on RealWear Has Added My Meetings

To truly scale your remote expert workforce while building a fully connected firstline worker organization, you need to be able to seamlessly collaborate remotely both on the fly and by scheduling meetings. This is where Teams on RealWear GA shines, particularly if you're already familiar with the Teams experience and other Microsoft 365 integrated products.

With the Teams GA version, you will now be able to easily join private meetings instead of needing someone to nudge you from Desktop.

Second, Teams GA Enables Improved Video Quality in Calls & Meetings

For remote experts to really assist a firstline worker, they need to see clearly exactly what the firstline worker sees with great resolution. Thanks to Firmware Release 11.2, Teams for RealWear can now deliver significantly improved live video quality up to 720p at 30 frames per second using hardware encoding - making it easier than ever for experts to provide support. Like Teams on the desktop, the resolution and frame rate even adapt dynamically when constrained by network conditions, CPU load or a host of other network-related factors.

Now What? Getting Started

If you already have Teams, have Release 11.2 and Microsoft 365 with Teams, chat with your RealWear Cloud administrator (maybe over Teams?) to ask them to get you and the rest of your team set up. Instructions for them are here. If you don't have an HMT-1 yet, get started by grabbing our Validation Kit, then hop over to fill out the request form (scroll to bottom of page).

For IT Admins wishing to support a global deployment using Intune, check out the Ignite technical video (PR114) for an overview.

For more getting started videos, go here.

If you need more convincing that the time is right to take the leap, here's a few inspiring quotes from Several Digital Transformation Leaders

Immediately after the Microsoft Teams Public Preview was announced, customers around the world indicated that they were ready to move toward full-scale deployment across priority sections of their firstline worker populations, said Andrew Chrostowski, Chairman and CEO at RealWear. With the historic announcement of the first 100% hands-free Teams-enabled device, RealWear and Microsoft are poised to meet the global demand for thousands of connected firstline workers.

Andrew Chrostowski, CEO and Chairman of RealWear

In response to the pandemic, manufacturing and safety leaders at Mars created a playbook to facilitate business continuity while supporting social distancing measures. With travel being restricted, Microsoft Teams on RealWear devices became an important part of that playbook, and all 14 Mars Petcare factories in the U.S. are now using Teams on RealWear devices to enable engineers to remotely conduct audits, troubleshoot issues, and advise on the installation of new equipment. It s been a gamechanger.

David Oswald, Global Mars Supply Excellence Manufacturing Leader,

Customers are already receiving tremendous value from Teams on RealWear for firstline workers globally. Integrating the power of Teams with purpose-built devices by RealWear has become an essential tool for hands-free remote collaboration to help maintain uptime and safety standards of essential operations."

Emma Williams, Corporate Vice President, Modern Workplace Transformations.

"On one project, we saved more than two weeks of testing time and got the system up and running ahead of schedule, helping our customer start producing faster than expected. That wouldn t have been possible without the use of Teams and RealWear wearables."

Hank Wrenn, VP and GM of Americas Projects and Automation Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions

Dig deeper. Learn how Honeywell is setting new standards with Teams for Factory Acceptance Testing.

The Demand of Remote Experts Continues to Rise

To date, global business leaders including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Microsoft Inspire Keynote), Total SA (announcement video), and now Mars have all deployed the devices for hands-free remote collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

The global request for Teams has been strong and steady since Public Preview, and we know GA will unlock even more value and demand. To see how Board of Directors are rebooting, check out the Great Reboot, and our contributed chapter by going here.