How does RealWear Connect Boost Remote Support for Frontline Professionals?

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RealWear s latest app enables device users to get help faster than ever.

One of the biggest challenges faced by frontline professionals is the need for speed - the need to communicate with their support staff quickly and efficiently. After all, in high-pressure situations, a few seconds can make all the difference as the cost of downtime can be catastrophic. Today, we re excited to release RealWear Connect - a new app designed for RealWear devices that makes it easy to connect with support staff in seconds. Unlike traditional remote support calling processes that require device users to call support staff one-by-one, the app streamlines the time-consuming sequence by sending a remote support request to the whole support team in Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms. This reduces the time taken to get a response from support staff and improves efficiency.

How does RealWear Connect work?

RealWear Connect is designed for use with all RealWear devices, including RealWear Navigator 500 Series as well as HMT-1 (now end of sale) and HMT-1Z1 . The app is designed to connect device users to their support staff instantly, without having to go through the hassle of calling individuals until you connect to one that s available.

Getting support is super simple with RealWear Connect:

Launch RealWear Connect

Say Request Assistance

Say the name of the group you need help from

Say Start new request

This opens a Microsoft Teams or Zoom call and sends a notification to all the group members via text message or email. Once a support staff member accepts the request, they automatically join the call and can communicate with the device user.

Through RealWear Cloud, central teams and management can connect to the admin panel where they have access to additional functionality such as creating and managing groups, requests, and settings as well as viewing data about support requests.

How to Use RealWear Connect (Training Video)

What are the Benefits of using RealWear Connect

Saves time RealWear Connect speeds up the communication process between frontline professionals and support staff, which saves time and improves efficiency. Users can reach out to multiple support staff members simultaneously, reducing the time taken to get a response. Increases productivity When the frontline professional can connect with support staff instantly, they can resolve issues faster and get back to work. This reduces downtime and increases productivity. Improves safety Safety is paramount in industries such as manufacturing and construction. RealWear Connect helps users easily and quickly connect hands-free with support staff in emergencies or urgent situations. Enhances collaboration RealWear Connect enables team members to collaborate more effectively, making it easier to resolve issues and make informed decisions.

Why is RealWear Connect a gamechanger for frontline teams?

By expediting the communication process between the frontline and support staff, RealWear Connect gets frontline workers the support they need faster than ever. With its hands-free interface and compatibility with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, RealWear Connect is easy to use making operations safer and more efficient, even in challenging frontline environments Want to know more about RealWear Connect?