How a smarter future for Oil & Gas is being paved by RealWear Navigator Z1

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Smart glasses, smarter operations: A better way to work now available for the Oil & Gas industry.

While RealWear Navigator 500 and 520 have been revolutionizing other industries, those that require Intrinsically Safe solutions have been a little left out in the cold. In the world of oil and gas, staying ahead of the curve isn't just good practice; it's essential for survival. While the industry has been crying out for solutions that would provide all of the functionality with none of the danger, RealWear has answered the call in developing the newest member of the Navigator family the intrinsically safe RealWear Navigator Z1.

What's so special about RealWear Navigator Z1?

Oil and Gas has a tough time when it comes to solutions to make operations more productive. On one hand you have the wealth of benefits afforded by tools like the RealWear Navigator 500 Series, but you can t use them in hazardous environments. On the other, you have IS devices out there, but they require the use of both hands, have a tether, or just aren t practical for industry use. With RealWear Navigator Z1, you get the best of both worlds a whole new repertoire of superpowers, without the risk of causing an explosion.

This isn't just another gadget, we're talking about a device that's tailor-made for the gritty, tough, and high-risk environments of oil and gas operations. Being intrinsically safe, it's built specifically to thrive in environments where 99.99999% of electronics fear to tread. Imagine having a tool that not only keeps you safe but also connects you instantly with remote experts, frees your hands by eliminating the need to hold documentation, phones or tablets, and outlines workflows to bring operations to a uniformly high standard. That's exactly the kind of support that RealWear Navigator Z1 offers.

The real benefits - straight from the field

Cutting down downtime: Picture this your equipment goes down, and every hour it's idle, you're bleeding money. RealWear Navigator Z1 slashes that downtime by bringing expert eyes on the problem instantly, via video call.

Safety revolutionized: In Oil & Gas, safety is everything. RealWear Navigator Z1 is built with this in mind. It's not just safe; it's intrinsically safe, designed to handle the unpredictability and volatile nature of certain environments in the Oil & Gas industry. It can be used where flammable gases or vapors are present, without the risk of combustion from a single spark.

Sharing wisdom without the mileage: With many seasoned pros heading into retirement, there's a wealth of knowledge that needs passing on. RealWear Navigator Z1 makes this possible remotely, amplifying the expertise of your best people without them having to set foot on site.

Green and efficient: Reducing travel isn't just good for the bottom line; it's great for the planet too. RealWear Navigator Z1 helps in cutting down on emissions while keeping operations slick and efficient.

Getting smart with RealWear Navigator Z1

Adopting RealWear Navigator Z1 is more than a tech upgrade; it's a mindset shift. Here's how you can make the most of it:

It's your digital power tool: Think of RealWear Navigator Z1 as your Swiss Army knife in digital form. It's versatile, handling everything from compliance to maintenance.

Training tailored for your team: Everyone's different, so, training should be tailored to fit your team's needs. Start with the tech enthusiasts and watch the ripple effect take hold.

Invest today, reap the rewards tomorrow: With oil prices on the rise, there's no better time to gear up for the future by investing in your people and the future of your operations.

So, there you have it. RealWear Navigator Z1 is more than just a piece of tech; it's your partner in navigating the challenging waters of the Oil and Gas industry. It's about working smarter, safer, and more sustainably.

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