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RealWear for Zoom Just Made It Even Easier for Frontline Workers to Call for Remote Support

By Greg Bartholomew, RealWear Director of Product MarketingA hurricane is coming. A new Oil & Gas field operator needs to know how to diagnose a complicated pressure gauge and IoT sensor breakdown in a critical downstream pipeline that was identified during a routine inspection round the night before. Since the worker is entering a heavily restricted zone where explosive gas is present, the recruit is wearing additional PPE and must use intrinsically-safe electronics only in the zone. The operating manual and SOP state clearly that it s time to get help fast from HQ if confronted with this scenario. Time is of the essence. The recruit needs their hands free to safely complete the task, but they need information and expertise in real-time. How does this frontline worker do both at the same time? Spoiler Alert - With RealWear for Zoom!Frontline workers are constantly being confronted even bombarded with challenging problems. The machine breaks. The facility floods. The pipe is hotter than acceptable. The factory acceptance test (F.A.T.) flopped but why? These tasks, routines, and workflows require varying degrees of collaboration within the company. Teamwork is required both on-site and with remote subject matter experts from around the world, both within the company and from suppliers and partners. RealWear provides solutions for these issues to frontline workers through its family of Industrial Strength Assisted Reality products, such as the RealWear Navigator 500 and the HMT-1Z1 (intrinsically safe certified for ATEX Zone 1 C1/D1 model), which is built for hazardous environments. For many of these essential frontline workers, the Zoom platform is their official corporate collaboration tool across their enterprise, but it s used primarily for information workers. In other words, frontline workers often don t have the ability to use Zoom Meetings in the field.

Introducing the release of HandsFree for Zoom.

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Today, we re pleased to announce the next generation of HandsFree for Zoom on RealWear devices.

HandsFree for Zoom in a Few Words

HandsFree for Zoom is a brand-new native application built by RealWear from the ground up for RealWear devices using the Zoom Meetings SDK. This app is specially designed to improve the user experience for frontline workers using the Zoom platform on RealWear assisted reality devices. HandsFree for Zoom provides a simple, intuitive way to join Zoom Meetings and interact with colleagues during a meeting using voice controls.

How does HandsFree for Zoom improve the experience?

HandsFree for Zoom provides the core functionality of Zoom Meetings, but leverages voice commands for hands-free usage, empowering frontline workers to get more done. This gives frontline workers the ability to stay focused on their job without having to use their hands to control the call, improving safety and increasing productivity. For more information on what s already happening with RealWear enabling Zoom Meetings in the field, check out this announcement about ExxonMobil leveraging RealWear and Zoom Meetings. We love seeing Zoom enhancing collaboration in even more places than ever. By combining the hands-free interface of RealWear Navigator 500 with the ease of use of Zoom Meetings, we re unlocking huge productivity gain opportunities for customers in automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare and beyond, said Randy Maestre, Head of Industry Marketing at Zoom.

Exciting, right? How can I get this and which devices is it supported on?

HandsFree for Zoom will support the recently launched RealWear Navigator 500 series as well as HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 devices.HandsFree for Zoom is available at no extra charge for RealWear device users and is available using the Cloud App Library.

Where can I learn more?

You can find more information about HandsFree for Zoom here.To see the Zoom announcement, please find their post here.