Five key reasons why device management is so important

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As businesses turn to technology to improve operations, it s increasingly important to ensure that these devices are managed properly. In case you missed it, we recently launched RealWear Cloud our amazing new platform that allows you to control and remotely manage your entire fleet of RealWear devices like never before. So, what s the importance of device management and why have we gone to all this trouble? With the cost of living increasing and remote working becoming standard practice ever since COVID struck, assisted reality devices have swiftly become commonplace across industries. With the number of deployed devices ramping up, the need to keep track of where they are and how they re used is growing increasingly important. After all, flexible, intuitive device management allows businesses to expedite processes, which makes operations faster and further eliminates the need for travel both of which save you money. Let s take a look at five key reasons why device management is essential for enterprise.

1. Security

We re kicking things off with a big one. Unmanaged devices are a MASSIVE security risk. Any piece of equipment on your network is a gateway that provides an opportunity for some unscrupulous individual to carry out a cyberattack. Whether they re targeting the network itself, or the large amounts of sensitive data held locally on the devices, it s paramount that these risks are mitigated as much as possible. That s where device management such as RealWear Cloud comes in. From a central hub, administrators can remotely make all devices secure, provide user authentication, or even wipe them if they become lost or stolen all at the touch of a button.

2. Workflows and Flexibility

Device management systems can improve workflows and flexibility on a companywide scale. Workflows automate lengthy procedures and, by deploying them remotely, administrators can easily help frontline workers carry out operations faster and more efficiently. Being able to remotely assign tasks also means that managers can liaise with administrators to check device location, status, and usage to quickly assign jobs and deploy workers where needed.

3. Manage Multiple Devices

Multiple devices are tough to manage manually. If you have 100 units that each need to go through a firmware update, it s far easier if you can standardize that process across your fleet, carrying out the task remotely and en masse. It certainly beats tracking each and every one of your devices down individually.With strong device management, administrators can perform a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to updating firmware, installing apps, or general device admin. This means that you re not dealing with varying levels of technical knowledge when new users look to get equipment set up on an unfamiliar device by themselves. Instead, you can easily deploy relevant software and firmware remotely to your fleet, leaving the users to focus on the job in hand and use their devices with ease.

4. Usage trends and troubleshooting

Device management analytic reporting allows administrators to easily assess usage trends throughout their fleet. You can also see where they aren t being used and can investigate if there s an issue to determine if further training is required or, if the device needs troubleshooting, you can provide remote support.

5. Control Devices Remotely

You can remotely control any device in your fleet with device management - just like an IT admin can remotely log in to your computer. While it s easy to take a look at a device that s nearby, it s not as easy when one of your units is miles away or even on the other side of the planet. With device management, you can have complete access and control each device to ensure it s working properly all without traveling. As you can tell, we take device management seriously at RealWear. We re aware that new extended reality technologies can be as daunting as they are exciting, so we re always looking for ways to ensure that introducing and using incredible hardware such as RealWear Navigator 500 is as seamless and productive as possible. RealWear Cloud is a major step in making things easier and less intimidating to the point that it s essential for RealWear users. Find out more about RealWear Cloud here.