Position Display Pod for use with your Dominant Eye

Make a circle with your thumb and first finger. With both eyes open look at an object on the wall or in the distance, and centre it inside the circle. Now close one eye, and then the other.

When you close your left or right eye you will notice that the object jumps outside the circle. If the object seems to move when you close your left eye, then you have left eye dominance. If the object moves more when your right eye was closed, then your right eye is the dominant one.

Flip headset left or right to match your eye dominance. Rotate boom arm using shoulder and elbow joints to adjust display position.

Adjust the overhead strap (1) such that the HMT-1 rests horizontally, slightly above the tops of your ears

Position the display pod just below your line of sight - about 1 to 2 inches from your dominant eye (2).