Using the HMT-1

To turn on your HMT-1 press and hold the power button for 3 seconds (1)

The system takes approximately 30 seconds to boot up.

You might need to adjust the Display Pod so you can clearly see all 4 corners of the display. Then the display can be locked into place by tightening the locking ring (2)

ATTENTION: The first time you power up you will be asked to configure the HMT-1.

1. Go to the HMT-1 Configuration page to set up Date, Time, WiFi and Language preferences.
2. Follow the steps on the website to generate a configuration QR code.
3. Aim the HMT-1 camera at the QR code.

The HMT-1 is controlled by simply using voice and head motion. Speak what you see on the screen. Just say the name of the icon you want to open. For example, say My Programs to open up a list of programs. Head motion can also be used to control scrolling when the system requires it.

The command Show Help can be spoken at any time to show a list of valid speech commands.

The command Navigate Home can be used anytime to return to the home screen

The command Navigate Back can be used anytime to return to the previous screen

NOTE: Your HMT-1 is shipped partially charged from the factory. If you find that the battery level is too low, please see charging instructions on the next page.