Volkswagen Says HMT-1 Solution Creating Trust and Transparency with Automotive Customers

Volkswagen Master Technicians Join a Team of Techs Virtually Thanks to RealWear HMT-1 Wearable Head-mounted Rugged Computer BusinessCar and TechTarget reported on automotive company Volkswagen’s trial with RealWear.   Here’s what you need to know: Master technicians no longer need to travel, conduct personal visits or rely on standard telediagnosis machinery with limited abilities to look under […]

We Energies and EPRI Demonstrate RealWear’s HMT-1 to Assist Utility Field Workers

Utilities envision role for augmented reality to train and assist workers Energy News reports that augmented reality devices help train and assist utility workers.  This reinforces other reports we have mentioned from EPRI here. Key takeaways from this article: 1- The technology is maturing 2- Utility industry faces a looming workforce challenge that will require […]

Forbes: The State of the ARt at AWE

Forbes writer Charlie Fink wrote an excellent round-up of all the notable stuff happening at AR and shared his views. [epq-quote align=”align-center”]RealWear, which also makes monocular microdisplays for the enterprise, made a stir when they introduced themselves on the main stage with someone wearing the rugged Real Wear [wait for it] in a hazmat suit. […]

VR Focus: RealWear Reveal First AR Wearable For Intrinsically Safe Environments

The new HMT-1Z1 is certified for ATEX Zone 1 and C1/D1 potentially explosive environments. Happy Friday!  We’re excited to see more great buzz around our HMT-1Z1!  It’s the world’s first ruggedized wearable computer that goes beyond where any other wearable computer has ever gone – and it’s hands-free, so you can keep your eyes and […]

Sensors Online: Head-Mounted Wearable Computer First To Get ATEX Certified

RealWear First to get ATEX Zone 1 Certification for Oil and Gas Industry and other Hazardous Locations Sensors Online reported that RealWear unveiled the world’s first commercially available intrinsically safe wearable computer (ATEX Zone 1 and Class 1 Division 1).  HMT-1Z1 ruggedized wearable computer is the only head-worn computer that presents no ignition risk where […]

Terre-Net: Amazone Uses HMT-1 in Agriculture, Says RealWear is “More Rugged than Competitors”

Amazone Explains Why the Company has Equipped Employees with RealWear HMT-1s Terrre-Net reports today that Amazone is making the RealWear HMT-1 available to Amazone’s 12 after-sales inspectors as well as four after-sales service experts from the head office. It also makes it easier to remove the language barrier with its German offices. [epq-quote align=”align-center”]”We opted […]

Digital Trends: Can this explosion-proof AR headset change how industries do business?

“RealWear is useful technology that can help workers access digital data without using their hands, stream video back to another team member, or receive guidance during training periods.” -Digital Trends RealWear Helps Workers Access Digital data Without Using their Hands Digital Trends just published a feature story on RealWear that gives a nice overview of […]

Geekwire: RealWear Rises Whopping 50 Spots on Geekwire for Top Pacific Northwest Companies

Geekwire reported that in its monthly index of top 200 start-ups, RealWear jumped “a whopping” 50 points in its Geekwire 200 index for top Pacific Northwest start-ups. [epq-quote align=”align-center”]Vancouver, Wash.-based RealWear rose up a whopping 50 spots on our list to come in at number 113, as the effects of its $17 million funding round from February begin to […]

PODCAST: RealWear and Honeywell on Safety Using Hands-Free Technology

How to Increase Safety Metrics and Efficiency Metrics at the Same time (Podcast) This new podcast recording features RealWear Co-founder Sanjay Jhawar and Youssef Mestari, Global Strategic Marketing Director Honeywell. Our good friend Mark LaCour (who runs the third largest podcast for oil and gas in the world!) conducted the interview, which was recorded last month […]