What does it mean to be Intrinsically Safe and why is it so important?

With the launch of RealWear Navigator Z1, you may have noticed that we’ve used terms like Intrinsically Safe, ATEX, and more. Confused as to what it all means? Allow us to clarify. In environments riddled with potential hazards such as flammable gases or combustible dust (including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and mining), safety becomes paramount. […]

The crucial role of hands-free solutions in intrinsically safe environments

Embracing the Future: The Power and Promise of RealWear Navigator Z1 In the dynamic and often perilous world of the Oil & Gas sector, each detail holds immense significance. Ensuring safety while maximizing efficiency is a critical balancing act. This article sheds light on the importance of hands-free solutions, particularly the transformative impact of the […]

RIP, glass. Hello, RealWear!

RIP Glass

Switch to better productivity and safety with RealWear head-mounted device. Our HMD device is tried and tested in the most rugged environments to meet your needs. Learn more!

Cutting through the jargon: demystifying the XR industry

Cutting through Jargon

Explore our comprehensive guide to understanding head-mounted wearables and Extended Reality (XR). We decode the jargon, explain the technologies, and highlight their potential applications, helping you navigate the exciting landscape of XR with ease and confidence.

A history of communications


Explore the fascinating journey of human communication, from ancient cave drawings to today’s cutting-edge Assisted Reality technology. Discover how these advancements are revolutionizing communication in frontline industries, enhancing productivity, safety, and real-time collaboration

How to make sustainability and profit your new reality with wearables


Discover real and practical tools to empower your company to be sustainable in its operations. Reduce travel costs, paper consumption, and increase productivity with hands-free wearable solutions from RealWear. Achieve work-life balance and boost employee satisfaction while contributing to a better world.

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