Introducing 15 Zero-Touch Remote Communications Apps to Help Maintain Front Line Operations During Covid-19

With free or extended trials, these apps are purpose-built for hands-free communications via RealWear assisted reality ruggedized headsets

Businesses everywhere are now severely impacted by COVID-19. It’s a huge setback but there are solutions to mitigate the risk to your business.

Today it’s not safe to get within six feet of another person. Soon we may not be able to even to touch our phones or rugged tablet without wiping it down immediately or eliminating it from your work process completely for fear of contamination. Or it may be law.

It’s not safe to get close to your workmates; it’s not safe to touch equipment or machines. It’s more difficult than ever to make your inspection rounds, take photos, record videos, and rely on your handheld.

COVID-19 has made everything that’s already been incredibly difficult and challenging about keeping industrial work smooth even more so.

It’s become nearly impossible to keep your operations working – in field services, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, or for any Essential Worker responsible for helping to maintain critical infrastructure.

Here are a few stats to sum up the impact:

89% of Operations teams say COVID-19 is impacting their analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) budgets and initiatives.

The vast majority of executive management teams (83%) are also seeing an immediate impact of COVID-19 on their analytics and BI spending plans.

75% of marketing teams see COVID-19 impact their analytics and BI budgets, initiatives, and projects.  

CREDIT: Forbes:

And, according to IndustryWeek, the situation is just as grim.

Manufacturers across the world are currently making the difficult decision to suspend production in order to avoid transmission of COVID-19 among their employees. So far, GM, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, Honda, Goodyear, Boeing, PACCAR Inc., Foxconn and others have suspended production entirely at one or more of their facilities around the world.

Thus far, at least three employees of major manufacturing companies have died due to the virus: One was employed by Boeing, and the other two, UAW employees, by Fiat-Chrysler. The UAW confirmed the deaths of the two Fiat-Chrysler employees this morning. Boeing and FCA have both suspended production at the facilities where the employees worked.

Source: Industry Week

These Hands-Free RealWear Industrial Solutions Are Available Now to Provide Real-Time Communications during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

RealWear has a compelling offer for an incredibly compelling event. While many of our customers were previously purchasing HMT-1s to accelerate digital transformation and empower their workforce by closing the skills gap, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for a hands-free solution.

We encourage you to try an HMT-1 with a partner of ours (one of them is even offering a free HMT-1!). Here they are in alphabetical order and we will continue adding to the list.

#1. Adtance offers 2-month free trial of Remote Maintenance Software

Adtance Support can be used with the RealWear data glasses as well as on all mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablet and on your computer. The solution is ready for use for your company within a very short time and also the RealWear data glasses can be delivered quickly.

#2. AMA Offers Remote Support for Industry 4.0 and Healthcare

AMA is helping medical institutions and industrial organizations of all sizes accelerate their smart workplace transformation.
Our market-leading innovation, high-quality service and compelling total cost of ownership make it a perfect fit for any small, medium or large enterprise within verticals like manufacturing, automobile, aeronautics, healthcare or even education. The XpertEye solution addresses a broad range of applications like remote diagnostics, video conferencing, scheduling and workflow management.

AMA’s XpertEye remote assistance solution, enables real-time or scheduled remote visual guidance to control, monitor and manage industrial operations. Field technicians, equipped with RealWear smart glasses, needing expert assistance for complex repairs or operational inspections, can be assisted visually by subject matter experts while still having both their hands free to execute critical tasks. Through live camera-sharing, voice instructions, and on-screen annotations a technician can resolve issues more quickly, hereby improving productivity and maximizing uptime.

AMA’s Xperteye allows emergency responders to transmit in real-time a video to an emergency medical dispatcher to help them better assess the seriousness of the situation and provide a faster and more adapted response.  It also facilitates the coordination between medical services. The XperteEye solution is hosted on datacenters certified for medical datahosting (HIPAA compliant, HDS, etc.). The solution does not store any data, transmission is fully encrypted and meet all the requirements for sensitive health transmission.

Ask for your demo here

#3. Augmentir offers Remote Assist Essentials tool at no cost until the end of 2020

After hearing about the steps many companies are taking to support remote work for White Collar workers – Augmentir posted that it became clear that as a company it could do the same for manufacturing and service workers who rely on direct support for troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs.

Augmentir’s Remote Assist software enables this support to be performed virtually, so that travel is eliminated and face-to-face meetings are reduced. Both are key to flattening the curve with respect to COVID-19, and to enabling our manufacturing sector to continue to supply the country with the goods it needs.

Visit to learn more.

#3. Atheer offers its AR platform available at no cost until June 30, 2020.

Atheer provides an Augmented Reality platform used by companies in manufacturing, aviation, automotive and many other sectors to empower front line workers with remote instruction and remote collaboration capabilities from their smartphones and tablets. 

Atheer CEO Amar Dhaliwal says that “in just a few short months, we have found ourselves in a new reality. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the day to day lives of millions of people and placed safety at the top of our list of concerns. Our key purpose at this moment is to support the organizations and front line teams that are risking their lives every day to ensure our well-being and safety”.

To help enterprises better support their front-line teams and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Atheer is making its AR platform available at no cost until June 30, 2020. 

Visit Atheer to get details.

#4. Brochesia offers free 2-month trial

Brochesia software solutions, compatible with any mobile device (tablet and smartphone), were designed to leverage the capabilities provided by RealWear Smart Glasses, to get the best out of it during working activities both in the industrial and healthcare sector. These are extremely versatile technologies that can be used in several fields to support numerous activities and tasks. Thanks to Brochesia Solutions and RealWear Smart Glasses, anyone can carry out activities hands-free while communicating with a remote operator.

Request your free trial now.

#5. Care4D Extends Trial Period to 60 Days for Telepresenz

Creator of the Telepresenz Solution Indu Tolia says, “The world has changed drastically with the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re all going to have to adapt to new ways of keeping people safe while trying to maintain continuity in our lives. CARE4D pledges to support businesses and communities that are affected and help in any way we can.

Telepresenz can reliably connect your teams, regardless of their location, and deliver the “just-in-time” assistance they require. With an extended 60-day trial period for companies affected by this unforeseen disruption to their operations, Telepresenz can provide business continuity and protection of your teams during this crisis. The company says it can get you running in less than 5 minutes.

Telepresenz can be utilized with handheld devices such as phones and tablets. By leveraging the RealWear HMT-1’s hands-free form factor and exceptional voice controls, individuals that are operating in the most vulnerable of environments, can feel safe and connected with their teams. Whether it is the need to connect with specialists on a call ad-hoc for assistance to a critical situation, or having your front-line worker call an SME for guidance, Telepresenz offers a reliable solution to address all of your immediate needs!

 Sign up for your free trial here!

#6. HeadApp makes Eye4Task available for digital solidarity

Until May 31, 2020 HeadApp makes available to SMEs based in the national territory, the Eye4Task platform , for remote collaboration between on-site operators and remote experts . Those involved in the verification, installation, audit, inspections or certification of plants, will be able to share in real time the scenario in which they operate and receive qualified remote support for carrying out activities in the field.

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#7. Librestream offers “No Commitment” service for free to qualified organizations

On March 16 Librestream®, the global provider of remote collaboration and communication solutions, announced a free program for enterprises facing business continuity and worker safety challenges related to COVID-19.

Librestream’s Onsight® platform is deployed by hundreds of leading aviation, defense, manufacturing, energy and inspection companies around the world, enabling greater operational efficiency, reductions in carbon footprint and improved worker safety. We are proud to be partners with Librestream and have many joint customers together.

“The sudden onset of this pandemic means managers haven’t had time to prepare for the new reality we are facing with the novel coronavirus,” said John Bishop, president and chief executive officer of Librestream. “Many are scrambling to find safe, cost effective ways to ensure business continuity. Onsight is already helping hundreds of companies overcome distance barriers and keep workers safe. With this free program, we can extend the same opportunity to any organization.”

How to get it:

Librestream will provide its Onsight Connect free trial package to qualified organizations who are new to this capability. The package includes pre-configured Onsight Connect remote expert software and materials to get up and running within 24 hours. To initiate the qualification, organizations must fill out your information online and agree to provide feedback. There is no commitment to purchase of any kind. In addition, Librestream is also offering no charge, virtual training sessions. Interested customers can reach out to their Librestream contact.

Get started here

#8. Microsoft offers six months of free Office 365 E1 and Teams

New in March 2020, a free 6-month Office 365 E1 Trial, including Microsoft Teams, is now available. Microsoft is making this special E1 Trial license available in response to the increased need for employees to work from home (WFH) in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

To learn what’s available with an E1 license, read Office 365 E1.

Microsoft announced last Thursday that it is optimizing Microsoft’s fastest growing app, Microsoft Teams, for RealWear HMT-1Z1 (for potentially explosive environments) and HMT-1 for other extreme or dangerous environments (field services, offshore drilling, hard to reach reach.


While Microsoft Teams on RealWear is still on its way, we are honored to be a partner with Microsoft and its commitment in many dimensions to fighting Covid. For more information learn about Microsoft’s commitment to customers during COVID-19. If you have questions you can contact RealWear about this here so you’re the first to know about it.

Be sure to let us know if this is a COVID-19 related issue so we can get you in touch with the right response team.

Here’s the Microsoft FAQ about supporting your remote workforce.

Stay in the know about Microsoft Teams on RealWear at the bottom of this page.

#9. Oculavis offers ten free licenses immediately

Oculavis is another fantastic RealWear Hands-Free Partner that has been with RealWear for a long while. Customers love Oculavis’s Machine Service or Maintenance Operations solution. We also have some incredible loyal customers using our joint solution, working together to improve support and customer service for our customers.

Oculavis would like to support manufacturing companies in the current situation around COVID-19 to keep their operations on the shop floor and in the field up and running optimally. Therefore we provide you with 10 free licenses immediately.

Sign up for their free trial here.

#10. PTC offers free access to Chalk (no obligations)

Vuforia Chalk is a remote assistance product that leverages augmented reality to enable offsite and on-site employees for collaborative operation, maintenance, and repair products of all kinds. It’s like a video call with augmented reality superpowers for industrial settings, and it’s as easy to set up and use.

PTC says Chalk is for all those who feel this technology can help their teams better navigate this crisis and maintain business continuity. We hope this small gesture will help your company continue to deliver critical expertise to your remote service technicians and your customers, even as the world around us shifts to make connecting in person more difficult.

The offer is good till June 30th and will go longer if the crisis dictates.

Get started with Vuforia Chalk for Free here.

Note – Chalk isn’t yet available for HMT-1 but we still wanted to share the info with you.

Smart remote support with chat, video and knowledge

#11. RE’FLEKT offers 14 day free trial

RE’FLEKT Remote Free Trial

  • 14 day trial of the full feature set
  • No cost, no credit card details, no obligation

RE’FLEKT Remote 10-User Plan:

Now available as monthly subscription to give businesses maximum flexibility in these challenging times. More about REFLEKT Remote

RE’FLEKT ONE Standard Bundle:

Now includes the RE’FLEKT Remote 10 user plan for free until end of 2020. Businesses can build and improve their own ready-to-use AR solutions with the content creation platform RE’FLEKT ONE and now easily incorporate remote assistance with the leading remote support tool from RE’FLEKT. More about REFLEKT ONE

Get started online via

#12. SnapSupport offers 3-months free support or FREE HMT-1 with paid subscription

*FREE 3-month subscription or a FREE RealWear HMT-1 with a paid subscription**

As more and more organizations are eliminating non-essential travel and asking employees to work remotely, we, at SnapSupport, would like to extend our support. For teams that like to avoid or reduce field travel by digitalizing field/customer support, we are offering SnapSupport free of charge for 3 months or a FREE RealWear HMT-1 smart glass with a paid subscription.

Contact [email protected] to get started.

#12. Ubimax offers special offer of our Augmented Support 2.0 solution

Augmented Support 2.0 Quick Start packages offer you the opportu­nity to set up and use a full remote support solution for your company within a few days.

The packages are config­ured so that they can be put into operation without inter­nal IT support and can be used on any existing wearable. AS 2.0 Quick Start contains all the necessary services such as cloud hosting, training and support, as well as dif­ferent options for additional users or ad hoc licenses.

Click here to get started or download the Quick Start guide here.

#13. VSight offers free program

VSight, leading remote help, maintenance and collaboration software provider, announces a free program for enterprises facing business continuity challenges related to COVID-19. There is no commitment to purchase anything. The program will last untill June 2020 and will be extended in the case of outbreak continues. 

Companies can use VSight Remote in 1 hour after application from the link below. VSight Remote enables experts to connect to the field, which is the point of impact, instantaneously and solve the problems remotely. 2-way video and audio communication, PDFs, manuals, step by step instructions and 3-D models are represented into the real world with VSight Remote Augmented Reality (AR) support. Also, by integrating VSight with company’s existing PLM and other systems gives the power of the knowledge to the field worker. 


Contact VSight here to get started.

#14. Wideum offers unlimited and free access to Remote Assistance software for 3 months

Remote Eye by Wideum is a solution based on smartphones, tablets and smart glasses that can share information between field service operators and support departments. It can effectively assist users with difficult tasks, having real-time data at hand, keeping a close look at the remote situation.  This increases productivity and customer satisfaction, resulting in decreased costs and increased revenue.

To get started email them here.

#15. XM Reality offers extended 60-day trial

During the current crisis with the Coronavirus XMReality offers an extended free trial period of XMReality Remote Guidance Business. This is to support knowledge sharing and technical support within companies without their personnel having to travel. Reducing travel to high risk areas is very important at this stage to reduce the spread of the virus, as well as in some cases working from home.  At the same time some businesses suffer significant operational problems related to these restrictions of movement for their personnel. In some of these cases using XMReality Remote Guidance could help to both prevent and solve operational problems from a distance, making sure that your personnel can still do their job but from a remote location.

Details on the offer:

  • Valid for new customers affected by the Coronavirus
  • 60 days free trial period
  • No card or payment information needed

For even more partners, check out our partner directory here.

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