The Workband is the New Way to Wear the HMT-1


“The Workband takes the HMT-1 to a whole new level of comfort and fit for a feeling of amazing productivity” – Your Connected Worker

While we originally designed the HMT-1 for a hard hat or bump cap, and included the overhead strap in the box to get you started, we were never fully satisfied that there wasn’t a better option when a hard hat wasn’t required.

Noah, our industrial designer, was given the challenge when he started at RealWear: come up with an even better experience for the HMT-1 than the overhead strap.

Because the HMT-1 is the most adaptable, configurable head-mounted enterprise wearable on the planet, there are an infinite number of ways to wear it.

The Story of The Workband

But what was the best option would work for any firstline worker when a hard hat wasn’t required?

After hundreds of iterations, feedback with industrial workers, and a study of every aspect of the needs of a modern connected worker, Noah and his team brings to you…

The Workband.

(BUY YOUR WORKBANDS HERE. We recommend that everyone that has an HMT-1 should also have a personal workband to bring with him to work as part of their everyday get-up.)

Of course, the first reaction by our team was, “What?”

And the second respond was, after trying it on, “Whoa.”

And after a few minutes, “Wow.”

We are excited about the Workband. Inspired by the legacy of heroes everywhere, this is our small tribute to firstline workers.

It’s been designed from the ground up with the following requirements:

  1. Feels good all day
  2. Fast to connect
  3. Super stable for your headset, when the work gets tough

Check out the story about the Workband. It’s available now in our store to make hands-free computing even better.

This is the launch video.
Workband with HMT-1 and Over the Earmuffs PPE.
Workband with HMT-1.
Workband with HMT-1 with a bump cap.
Workband with HMT-1 with a hard hat.

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